Top 10 (I mean 11) of 2018

Wow, Huh. End of a year. I know each one is so different for everyone–some years ask more of us, some sail by, some are filled with the most joyous moments, some seem just like the last. Regardless, we made it through. There is celebration enough in that.

Here is my top 10 list for the year (in no particular order):

  1. My little brother had a baby girl named June Olive. I mean, even the name is insanely cute. You should see her. Full head of dark hair, just gorgeous. I have always been so proud of my brothers–but never so much as when I get to see them become dads. I am so excited to continue my role as Crazy Aunt Kristy.
  2. I turned 40. WOW, right? It wasn’t really a big deal. I remember 30 was traumatizing because you are positive that at 30 everything should be lined up & perfect. 35 you get a little nervous, but by 40 you are just happy to be alive and care a little less about everything else. I guess that what it feels like every other year after 40, too. Like: WOW, I survived! Cool. What’s for breakfast?
  3. I got to see my parents tons. If you ever want to see more of your parents, have a kid! It is great having them here because they are really just wanting to spend time with and dote over the baby, which makes my life easier. It also forces me out of my comfort zone and into touristy things I’ve been wanting to see/do but haven’t yet. Tallest building this side of the Mississippi? Let’s go! They are coming tomorrow, and I’m already excited about Kenzy’s first trip to Knott’s Berry Farm.
  4. Speaking of, we went with my parents on a little vacation in Solvang, CA. It’s only a few hours of hours out of L.A., but the BEST part–besides family time (and the $400 I won in nickel slots at the casino)–were the bike rides. Country roads—yes please! I dream of living in a place where there are long, empty (well-paved) country roads for miles upon miles. But if I can’t live there, I’m happy to visit & ride miles through this beautiful California country. It is so good for my soul.
  5. My baby girl turned one, and lots of great friends showed up to celebrate with her. Along with that came lots of milestones this year. She can walk! She can say words like “BOWL” and “BYE.” She calls her dog Bubba, which is much easier to say than Huxley. She makes me laugh everyday. She drives me nuts all the time. It is that kind of love.
  6. I worked out more. I rode my bike. I rode it to the beach almost every weekend this summer/fall. I even rode my bike to work once a week this summer! I ran longer distances. Not anything to brag about, but they were still mini-milestones for me. Speaking of…
  7. I did an Olympic Distance Duathlon in Orange County in June and placed 2nd in my division! It was really tough, but I was so happy to be out there with other triathlete nerds doing my thing again. I did a Sprint version in the fall & finished 4th overall female. I only give you these stats because there is literally no one else to give them to. There is no faster way to boost my spirit than a morning spent at a race.
  8. 2 Hour Vacation Trips: Traveling with a kid can be a major headache, so my solution is: don’t go far! Spent a good amount of time in Palm Springs and in Santa Barbara with the kid & had all the good parts of vacation (new scenery! less laundry!) without the drama.
  9. It took basically the whole year, but I found my voice again–and by all year, I mean like maybe the week before Christmas? It is really hard to advocate for yourself when you are busy taking care of others, but it is totally necessary in all realms of life. This probably sounds very vague, and it is. I guess you would classify it under “self care.” My resolution in 2019 is much much more of this.
  10. My dog Huxley always makes the list! His epilepsy/seizures put him in the ER for a couple of nights this year, which was such a bummer. But I think we have his medication figured out (for now at least), and this along with his fancy raw food diet & all natural approach to health–has meant way fewer seizures this year than last (going on 4 months seizure free right now). He means the world to me, so I’m happy he’s sitting at my feet under my desk right now.
  11. Oh wow, there are 11 this year! I made it back to Texas twice, which is always home. I got to see so much extended family–YEAH! This doesn’t happen every year these days, especially since my family has ditched Texas for Colorado, but I’m happy I made the trek back for some monumental celebrations. It’s so good to be surrounded by all that love and laughter.

There you go. It only took me 2 days to write this! This year has tested me. Or this toddler has tested me. I didn’t know what patience meant until I became a parent. It seemed like out of nowhere my quiet baby became something out of a Real Housewives Reunion episode–throwing bottles, books, etc. And then that slow motion falling she does when we are walking and go in a direction she doesn’t like—OH WOW the drama. But the best is when she doesn’t like something and says “BYEEEE” (mostly at You Tube videos) with such disdain and judgement. What a DIVA! Anyway, so yes—patience! And most importantly, a sense of humor. This is what got me through the year. As for next year? I’m hoping to take more time to write more on this site. Oh, and also–can I just read one book this year? I haven’t read any since Kenzy was born. My hopes of running a marathon this March is not happening (the training miles just aren’t there), so I’m hoping for a half in May. I hope for you the most amazing year, and I’m so thankful you took the time to read. I don’t spend much time socializing these days, so anytime I feel like I’m connecting to another adult–I’m very very grateful. Happy New Year!!



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  • Aunt Don

    Loved this great read! So good to hear what you’re doing and how your feeling about things! I love you Kristy and I’m very proud of you!

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