To my Huxley, my Bubba, My Boy

I figure what is a better subject on a Saturday entry than to tell you more about my dog Huxley. I feel like I have already done this before, but he is worth multiple posts. He is a 4 yr old wire-haired pointing griffon, and he is everything. Having him as a pet has made me want to live out in the country and have SO MANY dogs. I’m not even kidding. I think about it almost daily, and I try to envision what changes can be made in my life circumstances to allow me such a gift. Living in this crazy expensive city, it’s just impossible to afford the amount of land I would want for my dozen dogs. I think possibly a winery without the work of a winery or a farm without the work of a farm.

Partly I need a dozen dogs to ease the pain that will occur when Huxley isn’t around anymore. This is probably not an emotionally healthy way to deal with grief, but I just need fur to pet on a consistent basis. He is under the desk right now, napping next to my feet–which makes sitting at this desk right now all the sweeter. In honor of his sweetness, here is a top 5 list. Happy weekend to you!:

Top 5 Huxley Habits:

  1. Tail wagging= A trainer once told me the amount of excitement Huxley feels upon seeing me isn’t mentally healthy, which made me think, “Maybe you don’t know how AWESOME I am, trainer.” There is a long narrow walkway to our back house I walk down when coming home from work. If he hears me lock my car, he is already at the end of this walkway staring. Slowly, as he makes the realization it is me, the wagging starts. If I say something, “Hey Buddy,” it goes out of control fast. The closer I get, his whole body gets into it–and he loses his mind! I have to give him a toy to put in his mouth just to calm him. And then he jumps on me, which is a horrible habit to have, and as much as I’ve tried to stop it–I secretly love it. He bounces up over my head–maybe this isn’t MENTALLY STABLE! No human being can match it in enthusiasm. Although I have gotten used to it, I will never take it for granted.
  2. Running Buddy= I waited til Huxley was 16 months or so before we went on our first run. And he was probably over 2 before he really got the hang of not pulling & not peeing every minute. But now he is the perfect running dog. He stays to my left (or to the left of the jogging stroller) & adapts to whatever pace I throw at him (usually slow). In the fun moments, I will say, “Let’s Go!” & we both start sprinting. It is SO MUCH FUN. I crave the winter months when he can run longer without getting too hot. He has made my runs so much more fun. As soon as I put my running shoes on, he gets so excited–it feels good that someone loves it as much as me.
  3. His Resilience= I’m calling this a habit, because he has had to deal with/overcome quite a scary epilepsy diagnosis that started at about 20 months old. I have nearly lost my mind seeing him have grand mal seizures–they are so dramatic, especially for a big dog like him. You feel so helpless in those moments & he looks at you with these HUGE eyes like, “HELP ME,” and all you can do is be there for him & wait for him to come out of it. He’s spent 2 stays in the ER for cluster seizures & I couldn’t get any sleep those nights as the doctor would keep calling me every few hours with worse news. I was told the last time not to expect the same dog for awhile. He had been through so much. I went to the hospital expecting a lifeless, weak pup–but he was literally jumping up on everyone & was quickly escorted outside the waiting room because he was so excited to see me. In the best news ever, he’s had over a year with just one seizure, which is 100% better than before. He is treated in a new-age/spoiled way–with a raw food diet, organic this and that & daily medication that helps him. But it makes me so happy to see him better & I hope this phase lasts the rest of his life.
  4. Being close, but not TOO close= He has this weird personality where he wants to be very very close to you, but he rarely wants to be cuddled with. Too much cuddling & he will find a new place to chill, so it’s a very fine line I walk. I am the same way, though, so I love this about him. He is not the needy type as long as you are about 1-10ft away from him at all times. It makes those moments where he puts his head in your lap that much more special. Usually it also means he wants you to take him on a walk, but I’ll take the love no matter what the motivation. Thank you for your boundaries, Huxley!
  5. His Patience= Having a newborn & then a crawling baby & then a crazy walking toddler around has been no joke. It has disrupted Huxley’s normal routine in so many different ways. The toddler gets so much attention. But Huxley is so kind with her. He has never been even slightly aggressive, walks around her calmly when she’s having a crazy loud tantrum & has only eaten about 6 arms/legs off of different baby dolls. I have about 1,000 cute pictures of them I take anytime they are together, which has been almost 100% of Kenzy’s life so far. I am so thankful Huxley is a GOOD BOY with her.


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