Thunderstorms in L.A.

It rarely thunderstorms here. I mean, in the past 7 or so years–it hardly even rains. I was celebrating at midnight when the wind and rain and thunder woke me up (also Huxley, who was terrified). After a morning bike ride where Kenzy insisted on riding in slow motion through every single puddle she saw, it started raining heavily again through the day. But what is it about the actual thunder that gets us SO excited out here?! Maybe because it’s REAL weather in a place that barely deviates from partly sunny to more sunny.

I needed to be trapped inside. It allows me to do things like: watch yet another documentary about cults (there are never enough), open a book and read at least a page, apply for a job and even attempt to take a nap. A week of rain could do me some real good, but it looks like it’s back to sunshine tomorrow. Ahhh, the life in Southern California. We will always find something to complain about. 70s and sunny AGAIN?!?!?!

It reminded me of something that seems to come easily to many: SLOW DOWN KRISTY. Motherhood has only added to my need to do-do-do, drinking more coffee as I watch Gwyneth Paltrow on her Instagram talk about how the first thing she always does is make sure she gets good sleep–which is the cornerstone of everything. Everything being meditation, her daily workouts, her nutrient-fueled meals, etc. Maybe if someone gifted me a week in a Palm Springs VRBO by myself I could work on SLEEP, but for now my cornerstone is cold brew at 6am.

This is a good week to slow down, as both quotes on Instagram and thunderstorms tell me. I did a few things to help me. I made sure I have HBO Max now so I can watch all the cult documentaries. I have at least 5 unread but really want to read books in place, calling my name. I’ve been pushing thoughts about my job and my business to the side, instead spending any computer time doing mindless tasks like unsubscribing to a thousand emails and saving more remote jobs to my list as I imagine my life on acres and acres of land and miles and miles of country roads as I log into my new “remote” job.

The rain is pouring down harder right now, so I keep writing. It is a hobby I put off many times before as it fell down the list of “important” things to do. But writing helps me make sense of my life; it helps me get back to myself. Like “wow I actually have a mind capable of thoughts, not only just the ability to do loads and loads of laundry.” The rain inspired me to listen to some Joe Purdy. I used to listen to him non-stop during my NYC years. He has these songs “Wash Away” or “I Love the Rain the Most” I would run to in the rain. Ah, so perfect! I’m nothing if not moody.

How is your weather today? Do you live in a place that has actual weather, so you don’t spend paragraphs talking about ONE DAY of rain and how it inspired you in some deep/meaningful way? I say slow down today, regardless. You can kick it into high gear another week.

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  • PaPa

    Snow flurries and cold… can’t read your writings anymore as my eye are to blurry even with eyepatch… I can read later when they fix my eyes. Love,y’all !!! Did you see that Wong won our football fantasy league…. love you

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