Things my daughter does…

Here are some things I really love that my daughter does right now:

  1. She says “love you too Mom” reassuringly in response to my daily outpouring of love to her. I can never quite believe I have a kid and she actually loves me.
  2. She insists on picking out all her own clothes. She slams her door shut in the morning (do kids do this already?) and won’t let me see her until she is completely done. You can’t say ANYTHING about her look, or it will send her into tears.
  3. She told me today that kids eat a special gum and then become dogs & that Huxley actually used to be a kid but then ate some of this gum. She is so weird that I know she is my own.
  4. After I spent a week painting her room two shades of pink & her Papa ordered her lots of Minnie furniture and accessories, she now tells me “I want the room back to the way it used to be. With the owls.” LOL I think she is kidding.
  5. When I’m putting her to bed, ready to sing a tune or tell her a story (you know, my theatre background put to use!), she says, “Just quiet Mom.” And so we wait in silence until she falls asleep.
  6. Every single dog she passes she ooohs and ahhhhhs over saying,”I wish we had a dog like that.” She wants 10 dogs and 10 cats and a fish named Bobo.
  7. She got into some pepper over Thanksgiving and poured it all over the salad. Then she went into the bedroom and dumped it all over the bed. She came to me sneezing saying her nose hurt. I then, like a master detective, put all the pieces together. Even her mischievious behavior makes me laugh.
  8. She rides a scooter FAST. I have to sprint to keep up. “Super speed” she calls it.
  9. She randomly calls me Ms. Kristy.
  10. She is funny. Thank goodness.



  • PaPa

    Oh how I miss my Kenzy Ruth !! She s such a blessing to all … It helps having a lot of pictures of her in my man cave but then again tears come to my eyes and my heart hurts that I can’t travel to see her !!! One day when I can travel the first place I go is to LA to see and play with her !! Love you my little sweetheart !!!

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