Thankfuls= My Little One

This week has been one that has not inspired loads of gratitude from me. So I’m taking a moment here while my kid naps to be grateful for the littlest of gifts she gives me. I actually wrote that yesterday as I heard the little footsteps of Kenzy waking up for her nap, so I’m trying it again today!

Little Kenzy Gifts:

  1. When she actually falls asleep, she makes an audible sigh. It’s my cue that I can go, which is always good news–but it’s also just so sweet.
  2. The things she gets wrong with language–like when she says “sorry” every time she sneezes or “OOPIES” instead of “OOPSIES!”
  3. The way she is shocked every night we have been on a run after Halloween & the outside decorations aren’t there. “WHERE IS THE PUMPKIN???” “WHERE IS HALLOWEEN??” I have to explain every single night that it is over and that Christmas is coming.
  4. She will say sweetly, “Good Morning, Mommy” every single day.
  5. She joyfully repeats all the little details of a day’s adventure or a vacation over and over again.
  6. She has watched too many emo singers we’ve played her, and now she squints/closes her eyes & FEELS the song when she sings.
  7. Every time we play hide & seek, she hides in the exact same place.
  8. She insists on sleeping with a bag of grapes.
  9. She likes the lights on. If you turn any off, she will move her little chair over to the light, stand on it & turn that light back on.
  10. Her middle of the night tantrums. They are horrible but oh so funny. “NO NIGHTTIME, DAYTIME!”
  11. She is totally skilled at driving her little car around with her feet. She does 3 point turns, parallel parks & all sorts of crazy maneuvers–I give credit for our tiny house for forcing her to learn this at an early age.
  12. “Mommy’s HOME!!!” With both Kenzy and Huxley greeting me, it’s hard to stay frustrated about anything.

So with that, Happy Thanksgiving Week!!! I’m not doing a Turkey Trot, but I did find a 10k Trail run on Sunday that I will tell you all about. Have a great weekend.



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