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I decided very last minute to get out of L.A. for the weekend, so we are here in Huntington Beach. It’s only about an hour away from where we live, but it’s really close to our favorite (DOG) beach. The room has an ocean view, which I am looking at right now. There is a huge hotel pool with a bar that allows dogs, which I’ve never heard of–so it was great lounging around the pool with Huxley instead of being stuck in the room with him.

Let me sing the praises of a staycation. If I had the money, I would do this at least once a month. When I’m around my own house, my anxiety peaks when things are a mess or laundry is not done or floors are dirty. With Kenzy and Huxley, this is literally every second. So to get away to a place that is not my own allows me a little calm down time. Yes, I am still cleaning and organizing the room more than a normal person, but I have time to take a nap & write on this site & enjoy the views.

It’s good to disrupt the routine occasionally. The day to day grind, even when it’s a good grind, just sucks out any sense of adventure. I’m not climbing any mountains or exploring new lands, but I am discovering the quickest path from my room to the coffee shop & what the exact hours of the hotel hot tub are. Did I mention I also get to sit out on a balcony & stare out at the ocean?

Headed back home today, where I can’t wait to get the next load of laundry started. But I’m super happy I took a couple of days to mix it up a little. I’m glad Huxley got to go the beach, where he runs and spins and rolls as I jog beside him. I so wish there were more dog-friendly beaches out here because Hux can’t get enough.

Shout out to the frozen drink at the pool I didn’t know I needed. And the mermaid party that hired a mermaid to visit. Another lady came dragging the mermaid to the pool in a (sequined colored) WAGON, which I thought was hilarious. Blew a conch to make sure we were all watching. And then just kind of dumped her in the pool, I guess not wanting to ruin the illusion that she was really a human. It all felt very Huntington Beach.

So my advice when you’ve spent too many months doing the routine is to take yourself out of it, if only for a day or two. It’s good for the spirit.

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