Screenland 5k+ Baby is almost a YEAR

I completed my 2nd official timed run since Baby Kenzy arrived. This one was a local 5k. There is nothing like an event you can walk to and from & show up 10 minutes before it starts. My only goal was to make 9 minute miles. I set super low goals for myself, which allows for so much pride and congrats to myself when I complete something! I highly recommend it!

You are lucky that a 3 mile race report is much shorter than a marathon or triathlon. It was pretty clear mile 1 when I thought, “This is going to be a long run,” that it may have been more appropriate to push the pace on those training runs–even if just a little. But no sweat. Or actually, lots of sweat. Mile 2 had us going slightly uphill and into the wind, which wiped out any hope of negative splits. Mile 2.5 I was seriously doubting the Spotify list I chose called “5k”–it was filled with Motley Crew tunes, which is not my ideal running mix (think Beyonce, that annoying “Brave” song, anything Eminem). And then it’s done. Of course there was a guy sprinting into the end (I often do this & still find it funny–like, what were you doing the previous miles that you can still sprint?!?)–I don’t have it in me, but I pick up my pace a bit those final moments. And hey, best news of the day–everyone gets a medal! HOORAY!

The main benefit of these races right now is they help me find a piece of myself lost all pregnancy-post-partum-time when my body had other priorities. I feel at home in all the race cheesiness–the free t-shirt, the band playing at 9am at the end of the race, the medal, the breakfast that follows. And the running itself–pushing myself, getting out of my head, focusing on the breathing. It is depressing to be slower than you used to be, but there’s no where to go but faster!

I decided to not quite jump on the triathlon train yet. Triathlons are pretty pricey & often involve an overnight stay somewhere (adding to the price and time factor), so I like to feel more “competitive” before I pay the money to compete. Yes, I can go slow, but it is not as much fun as actually training and feeling fit. I found another 5k (a mile away!) in a few weeks, so why not? A few 5ks will be my next step. I would like to cut my running time to 8 minute miles, and then decide what is next.

Also in the past few weeks, my back has been like “GIRLLL, what are you doing?” My baby is sooooo huge and heavy–25 lbs of true love. When I’m home with her, I think I pick her up an average of once every 5 minutes. This, coupled with running with a running stroller, my bad posture when I play with the baby, and lack of strength training–I knew it was only a matter of time before some kind of pain would creep in. So instead of building in more time for the bike, I set my new goal for 15 minutes of strength/weights per day. I figure that way if I miss a day, I can still do 30 minutes the next day & it won’t seem too crazy.

I’m still averaging about 5 runs a week. Some days I do doubles (think one 30 minute run and one 15 minute run), some days I try for one longer run (still nothing over 45 minutes). Instead of adding length, my running goal is to pick up the pace 2 times a week for a shorter run. Hopefully, this will help me be less shocked when I suddenly try to run fast at a 5k. Eventually, I will try for a 45-1hr run per week as a “long run,” but let’s hold off on too many goals! Low expectations my friends.

I finally feel like I am coming out of hibernation. It is at a snail’s pace, though. Some moms will rebound from motherhood differently, but I’ve felt a combo of post-partum anxiety (of course if it’s anxiety and a disorder I’ve had it!), complete exhaustion, hormonal imbalances–and we’re almost a year out! In my mind, I thought I would feel like this 6 weeks after birth & then get on with it, but it hasn’t matched my reality. There are things I still haven’t ventured outside for. I don’t go out very much. First, I feel like I would never catch up on laundry (so many tiny socks) if I left the house for too long. Second, if I’m taking the baby–this is an ordeal because baby requires LOTS of attention and things (the diaper, the wipes, the bottle, the toys, etc). Third, if I’m leaving the baby at home–that’s a whole other thing to figure out. Also, I think most of my friends figure I’m busy with the baby, so my phone is not blowing up with requests for my presence. Yes, I am busy, but please still invite me to things! And not to things with other babies! Non-baby things! I probably can’t come, but please invite me.

In amazing news, my baby is almost ONE YEAR OLD. We are celebrating not only her birth but the fact that I somehow managed to keep her alive for ONE WHOLE YEAR. We won’t talk about the trip to the emergency room a couple of weeks ago for a “torn frenulum”–something I didn’t even know the name for until my baby took a tumble and wouldn’t stop bleeding from the mouth. Anyway, she is ALIVE!! I told myself I would never waste time or money on parties for a little baby b-day, but then I forgot that my business is essentially party planning/scavenger hunting. I can’t NOT have a party! Not just for babies, but of course for the adults (because baby won’t remember anything).  I am obsessing over theme, cake, signature cocktail, etc–and of course since it’s a party for a baby, it won’t last more than 2 hours. For theme, I’m thinking gardening (she loves to dump out plants from planters), birds (she waves to the birdies every night) or dogs (she LOVES dog water bowls–dumping them out–and also POOP BAGS). Also, it has to be a pool party because she has so many stylish suits & even a pool cover-up.  So much to think about.

Anyways, one 5k down, at least 2 more to go in the next couple of months. I will keep you updated on the progress. Have a great weekend!



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