Santa Zooms and Drive Thru Lights

Christmas 2020. It’s me actively ignoring the devastation I feel every time I watch the news, or hear of a friend or family member actively suffering from Covid–or even more horrific, this morning waking up to find out on Facebook that an old college friend has lost his life to it. My college memory is fuzzy, but the memories I have of him are of his smile & his kindness. These are not feelings I can properly process anymore. Like all of us, I just want it to be over.

So in that holiday spirit I’m trying as best I can to make the season special for Kenzy. We had our Zoom with Santa over the weekend. Kenzy was pretty blown away by the whole thing, but when she made me tell Santa what she wanted (a kid’s washer and dryer)–Santa laughed “ho, ho, ho–I bet your mother wants a washer and dryer–but what about you?” He never quite understood that it was a gift for her, so I’m looking forward to those brand new appliances I will find under the tree on Christmas.

We’ve already been through one of the “drive thru” Christmas experiences. This one was in a mall parking lot. We went during the earliest time period for a discount, which meant we were looking at lights when it wasn’t even dark out LOL. Oooh there’s a Nativity Scene next to Red Lobster! There’s Santa on the roof of Macy’s!

Tonight is a more extravagant one. It’s in a fairgrounds, and we got to pre-order snacks. Yes, we’ll take a bucket of popcorn and some hot cocoa! I have been teasing it for days (just for something to look forward to), because as Kenzy will tell you, “It takes too long for Christmas.”

I’m honestly happy it’s the 22nd because I don’t know much else to do. We made the cookies. We decorated the tree. We bought the presents. Kenzy literally opened every present shipped to her (minus her Nana and Papa’s–who I managed to hide in the shed thank goodness) the moment it arrived.

Kenzy asked yesterday if the people were coming over to open their presents on Christmas. I told her, “Remember, the people are sick and we want to keep everyone well.” She answered, “Maybe they can go to the doctor and feel better?” Yes, Kenzy, I’m with you on that one. The bright spot is seeing our healthcare workers getting vaccinated this week and knowing there is an end in sight. Gotta hang close to home in the meantime. And find the littlest ways to celebrate the season; distractions for myself as much as my kid.

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