Remote Work

Working remote is something (like many of us) never even crossed my mind except when watching House Hunters International & noticing so many of the clients could live “anywhere” because their job was remote. “What was this job?” I always wondered. Whatever it was, that was my dream job.

I am lucky to work in an industry that still has work & even luckier to be able to do that work safely from home. I have been at the same job for 15 or so years, waking up at 6am (earlier if I wanted to exercise), driving through L.A. traffic, and returning to my home about 5:15ish on a good day. It feels so crazy to shake up that pattern after all these years. So, let’s talk about the things I LOVE about working remote. I will exclude tons of stuff about being around Kenzy more because it will end up overwhelming the post–but know she is ALWAYS here. Lol. On my mind and physically right next to me.

#1) Don’t believe those remote work tips that say “get showered and dressed like you are going to work.” Ummm, no thanks!!! I have been wearing workout clothes 24/7 (unless I’m wearing pajamas). My dream come true! Even my Stitch Fix subscription–which is meant to elevate my style–sent me sweats last week! They know. I invested in a few cardigans to throw on before I’m in teacher mode or meeting mode to make it look like I have my act together–my own little Mr.Rogers moment. But I LOVE that I can go from teacher to someone casually doing bicep curls in a matter of seconds.

#2) ┬áThe commute. I was going crazy doing the same commute all these years. I often fantasized about driving off to Palm Springs or Vegas when I was on the 10 going downtown. There were benefits in that I got to listen to music/talk radio/etc, call my mom regularly, have alone time, etc. But there is nothing as mind-numbing as that daily commute. “If I can just get off of this L.A. Freeway…” ahh the song has new meaning now.

#3) My dog is glued to me when I’m working. Huxley has terrible separation anxiety (probably brought on by my own separation anxiety), so I feel such a sense of peace knowing he can be comfortable all day long. And during any terrible, unsuccessful or stressful Zoom moments–I look down and he is there sleeping.

#4) The breaks! During my usual lunch time, I can get on my stationary bike for 20 minutes. Or in the afternoon I can take Huxley for a walk. I can get aggressively loud making a smoothie in the blender–lol, things that would be slightly annoying to co-workers.

#5) I’m an hourly employee, which by its nature means I’m a slave to the clock. This feels like a new kind of forced freedom unheard of back at the workplace back when “working from home” seemed way too mysterious–like how can we know the minute you start and stop working if you aren’t in front of us? Autonomy! Sweet music to my ears.

So now I’m obsessed with the whole “remote work” concept. I search for “cheapest places to live” and “best places to live for triathletes” (I’m a mom now, so I should probably be searching “best schools” but priorities)–imagining a life that could be lived entirely “remotely.” To live in our neighborhood in a tiny old two-bedroom rundown 800 sq ft house is 1.5 million at least. It’s INSANE. (I’m a renter BTW I don’t have a million dollar home). So yes, I will research the cost of living in nowhere Tennessee & marvel–less than $200,000? 3 bedrooms? A short drive to Dollywood? The benefit of living in the most expensive cities is that if you ever move away your expectations are SO LOW that you are blown away by everything. I look on job sites to see what exactly these remote people are doing. I’m curious FOR sure! Maybe this is my route to my dream life of owning 4 dogs on a huge plot of land? But for now, I’m just happy to write this during my lunch break (don’t worry bosses it’s only 30 min I promise) wearing workout tights with Huxley sleeping peacefully by my side.



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