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Anyone else here a frequent visitor of a Facebook group? Besides keeping in touch with my extended family, this is my only reason for being on Facebook anymore. I find them fascinating. My favorite by far is the page dedicated to my dog’s breed & is called “Griffology” (Huxley is a Wire-haired Pointing Griffon in case you were wondering). My second page is my local “Culver City Unofficial” page, which is both informative and super gossipy. Let me breakdown my reasons for loving both.

After meeting another Griffon dog owner who mentioned Griffology, I innocently joined the group thinking I would check in every now and then if I needed to seek advice. I didn’t realize that years later, I would know dozens and dozens of dogs that look exactly like Huxley and all their stories. I used it as a lifeline when I was so worried about Huxley and his seizures, his allergies, his weird ‘dew claw’ situation, the lump in his neck, the growth between his paws, his upset stomach, that time he ate the compost, etc etc. Huxley is perfectly fine BTW, but I am a worrier to put it mildly. When I was feeling down, I would visit to see photos and videos of our sweet breed doing Griff-like weird things. I often accidentally get caught up in the more tragic stories tragic– just this week a poor 3-legged Griff jumped out of a 3rd story window after being spooked & is in the ER. There are at least a thousand of us, checking in multiple times a day for updates, raising money to pay for the bill, etc. There is of course a yearly Griff calendar that I purchase with photos submitted by group members & a yearly Griff exchange where dogs send one another gifts & then the owners video the opening of presents. Typing it out, it sounds a little insane. I would say it brings me joy, but so many of the posts are epic goodbyes/tributes owners post that are heart-wrenching. What it does bring me is a better understanding of the relationship between pet and owner–something that gets downplayed in our world. But man, on a Facebook group, your dog-love-obsession is normal and encouraged & I like that. Bring on the Griffs in the Santa hats, the “oops” pic of your Griff eating something off the counter or the Griff diving into a lake. It makes me feel so grateful for my own dog.

“Culver City Unofficial” is like Nextdoor times a billion. It’s all the heart, gossip, passion, disgust & politics that makes up any good neighborhood Facebook page. There are many posts reminding us of the guidelines of the page because people can just not help themselves, and I am here for it! The best is when a thread gets completely out of control and you get to read it all before it is taken down. I’m not just there for the drama, though. I find out about everything local this way–from the tree-lighting to the closing of a restaurant to the cat-eating coyote issue. OH also a billion different recommendations for plumbers, contractors, doctors, dentists, etc. I have been obsessed with Culver City since I lived nearby back in 2004 or so. Note to self: next time you’re obsessed with a place, buy a house there! Would’ve been smart. As a renter especially, you never really feel as tied down or as included in some of the city politics, issues, etc. But in the past several years, this group has helped me to feel “in the loop” of things. It’s helped me to become an informed local voter. YES I go there for the gossip, but I stay for the valuable information.

I would LOVE to know if you have any of your own little groups that may not be a part of your day-to-day conversation but have been a value add to your life. Until tomorrow, Kristy

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