Merry Christmas Eve

It’s 8:17am and Kenzy is staring intently at the gifts under the tree. It is going to be a very very long day for her. “Is it Christmas YET?!?!” I have only broken down into tears once so far this morning. Oh also, I started doubting stocking contents, so I placed an Instacart order from The Disney Store a few minutes ago. (I mean, the pandemic has made my “never leave the house” lifestyle acceptable). We are READY.

There is nothing I love more than anticipation. This has always been one of my favorite days ever–a holiday that doesn’t start until evening time?! An evening that promised good food and games and laughs and gifts and an overload of everything?! As a kid, it allowed me the chance to perform for an audience that couldn’t say no. Finally, it’s a holiday that anticipates yet another holiday! We still get to wake up and have Christmas? Yes!

Honestly, I’m not really in the mood. If it weren’t for Kenzy, I would probably ignore Christmas Eve all together. But I’m nothing if not trying really really hard LOL. I bought myself some Christmas sweaters because it gets in the 70’s here, so we need that winter gear. I will be sweating by noon. I’m currently wearing this gigantic white fluffy sweater thing that makes me look like a giant snowman but provides just the right amount of cozy I require with my current mood.

I bought fresh flowers and hot tea and mini candy canes. I searched for recipes I could make that I would never ever make if not for a two week holiday spent going absolutely nowhere (mini blueberry cheesecakes here we come!). I recognize how incredibly lucky I am, but my nephew’s “I love you so much” text (he is a teenager! What kind of awesome teen sends his aunt a text this sweet?) is too much for me to emotionally handle at the moment. I miss my family. I miss my friends.

We will be Zooming with Mom and Dad later this evening as Kenzy literally dives into her presents. It will be fun & honestly I’m dying to put her Christmas presents out tonight while she sleeps. This was on my list of top ten reasons to have a kid: “put together gifts & fill the stockings for Christmas.” Everything about this holiday was made for someone so over-the-top cheesy and sentimental as me!

I will also be thinking of you, all my friends and family that are far away (or even in the same city, but safely in your homes). I will be hoping that you can find small moments of joy even though they may not be as big and glorious as years prior. I will especially be thinking of those that are feeling grief– especially this time of year. If I could give you a hug, you would experience all the comfort this sheep-like huge unflattering sweater could give you!

So Happy Christmas Eve! As soon as it is safe to travel, I will be visiting you all because I miss you so much.

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