I Broke up with Bravo

I used to watch pretty much every single show on Bravo. For years! It started with The Housewives but then it was Below Deck and Southern Charm and Vanderpump Rules and Summer House and ANYTHING that aired–even the weird shows that only lasted a season (that one about the employees at a ski lodge?). I knew every character on every show intimately. Yes, I partly watched as escapism and as a joke–but a part of me really felt something watching these shows much of the time.

And then I just couldn’t anymore. Having Kenzy meant my TV time was limited, but I still made time for a show here and there, so I can’t blame her completely. I cut the cable cord which made finding and watching my shows more of an adventure. But more significantly, within the last couple of years my favorite characters (people) started to leave. The OGs were leaving, which were always the funniest ones. I realized that I watched most of the shows because they were generally FUNNY. Yes, there was ridiculous drama–but more entertaining than that was the commentary.

I held on the longest to Southern Charm, which I keep telling myself if I ever have a few hours to myself with nothing to do I will catch up on this season. I read nearly half the cast was out and about during quarantine and most had Covid back in April–what is that footage like?!? Is it on Zoom? Are they filming themselves? How did these privileged white folks react to the BLM movement? I definitely have questions! But of course my Instagrams skills told me THREE of the OGs left this season, so I don’t have high hopes.

My dad also says he doesn’t watch much anymore, and based on that extensive research, I wonder if it means the end of the Housewives reign on Bravo? This is coming from the person that watched EVERY season of Real World and Big Brother–I am HERE for anything reality. But eventually every show that starts out kind of authentic becomes too scripted/played out. Even Big Brother contestants now go on the show to get their views up on Instagram, so they can become influencers. Ugh. No.

I also receive these random castings for reality TV show–and just to tell you we may have really hit rock bottom, I’m ending this entry by copying and pasting this casting notification from last week:


We are looking for extreme cases in the New Jersey area (must be within 3 hour driving time to NJ).

*Mystery issues – You or someone you know has never had a doctor check out your feet and you don’t know what’s going on!

*Extreme foot fungus! Office Visits Welcome!!

*Are your nails super thick, crusty, brittle or cracked?

*Do you have mystery bumps or cysts!

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