Holiday Gift Recommendations

I’m on vacation! I mean, “on vacation” makes it sound like I’m on an island somewhere. No, I’m still in a super small back house in Culver City with a Stay at Home order in place. But I don’t have to work for 2 weeks! I don’t have to do a work Zoom for TWO WEEKS! This alone is worth celebrating.

I’m excited to be able to attempt to stick to my entry a day throughout this holiday season. Without much on the calendar, I won’t even have to wake up at 4am to write it!

Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite THINGS this year. It’s like Oprah–except thousands of people aren’t sending me their products to try. And also Oprah doesn’t have a toddler.

#1 Daily Harvest smoothies: I live in a large city where having things delivered to your door is the easiest thing ever. I appreciate if you live somewhere where that’s not the case. I long to live in a place like that, but while I’m here–might as well take advantage! This is a pre-made smoothie weekly shipment, and I LOVE it. I tried some other things on their menu–turns out I don’t like overnight oats. I prefer them morning of. But their cold brew smoothie, their strawberries and peaches—AMAZING. This was an attempt to add some fruits/veggies to my daily serving. They send you cups. You throw the contents in a blender, add some milk (or something) & then put it back in the cup. Super easy & it turned into a perfect 10am snack. I accidentally ordered way too many so there are currently like 30 in my freezer, which I see as a challenge.

#2) Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask: I don’t even know what a lip mask is, but an influencer did their job & I ended up buying this. They said it had a “jelly” texture & that word was enough to convince me. It also comes with a tiny spoon/applicator, which both myself and Kenzy adore. I never really liked the texture of chapstick, but this is totally different. It is pricey, but buy from the store for free shipping (they also send free samples of stuff!). It also lasts forever unless you have a 3 year old that ALWAYS finds it & applies about 10 coats of it at once.

#3) Julian’s Waffles: OK maybe you shouldn’t give frozen waffles as a Christmas gift, but if you are giving to me–I will take them all! I ordered these once when Eggo’s were out, but what I didn’t realize was how decadent these are! They quickly became a “dessert” food for me. They are flavored sweet but not too sweet & everything from the consistency to the size are just perfect. My quarantine comfort food for sure.

#4) GAP workout leggings: I should be more refined than to shop at GAP by this point. But I will go ANYWHERE trying to locate the perfect workout pant. In So Cal, weather is never much of an issue–so my main concern with leggings is that they stay in place & aren’t uncomfortable. I also like a high high waist. I bought a pair months ago & then bought another–there are sales all the time online which makes them affordable. They feel SO comfy & also compressiony enough to feel like workout pants. And they don’t fall down while I’m running. Not that I am out running on the street with my pants falling down, but you know those leggings you have to keep pulling up. One of these I bought actually had pockets (dreamy)! I was buying even more expensive Outdoor Voices leggings–but honestly, these are even better.

#5) Bliss Lemon and Sage Soapy Suds Body Wash: Many years ago, Bliss had this peppermint body wash which was SO over-the-top-pepperminty that I couldn’t get enough. It seemed to magically wake me up & give me some kind of momentary sense of joy (aka the coffee of body wash). I searched for it again this summer & couldn’t find it–so I tried their lemon/sage version. I’ve bought it three times since then, which tells me either it is really good or Kenzy keeps dumping it in her bath when I’m not looking!

#6) Jumbo Slime Kit: Add this to the list of things I never thought I would put on a “best of” list. LOL. My life! This is not a slime-making kit, which is what I love about it. I teach film & my students have done 100+ “how to make slime” videos & I’ve seen it all! But this kit is great for a younger kid (mine is 3 & we’ve ordered this twice) because the slime is already made in different colors in cute containers. It has all the fun stuff you can mix with it–foam beads, glitter, glow-in-the-dark powder, etc–and will entertain your toddler for at least THREE HOURS STRAIGHT. This is not for you if you have a toddler that would eat the slime–but my kid isn’t into that, so it was safe. Very meditative experience for adults, too! It is messy, but cleans up easily.

#7) Logitech Web Cam: Are you STILL working remotely? I LOVE this web cam. It’s not cheap, but super high quality. I also make little videos for my students and with this camera–it is super easy to record in my editing software & directly edit it. No need for a DSLR or filming with a phone, etc. The quality is just great & it’s super easy to place on top of your laptop/computer. It also comes with a little mini tripod!

OK, now that I’ve written that out–none of these sound like particularly thrilling holiday presents. But at least you know a little more about my purchases this year: waffles, slime & lip masks! What are your favorite purchases? I trust your opinion over any influencer’s!

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