Hermosa Beach Triathlon 2019 Race Report…5 months late.

I don’t know if I even remember anything about this race anymore, but I promised this write up in my last blog & so I give the fans WHAT THEY WANT.

I will keep this short with my main take-aways.

  1. I zipped my new wetsuit up all by myself! This is progress. I don’t know if I lost a pound or I gained some kind of new flexibility & was able to shrink myself–but it happened. Honestly, I blame Kenzy and what she did to my ribcage. It feels bigger.
  2. I was cool, calm and collected during this short swim! I highly recommend this race to newbie racers who are panicked about the swim. Do a race that has a really short distance swim.
  3. The bike was my least favorite portion of this race. It is a short loop, which means it’s crowded. It’s supposed to be for first timers that don’t care about being competitive, but even at my slowest–I still want to do my best. So this was hard for me to get caught up in slower crowds. But it was flat! That is a plus.
  4. Beach run. Well, boardwalk run along the beach. I have run so many races like this because I live in So Cal. Even half marathons all along the ocean. You would think “Oh how beautiful,” but I would kill to have a couple of turns or see some trees or go up and down a hill or something.
  5. Great ending. I passed a few people on the way in, which is a good way to spend your last mile. Granted, one racer basically stopped to hug her entire family, so it was more that they stopped racing & I pulled ahead–details, details.
  6. I’m still not as fast as I thought I was. I didn’t place that great, even though the race felt so much smoother than the one a few weeks prior. There was a brief moment of “bummer,” but I had to remind myself how little I truly trained & how MUCH I trained years ago to get on the podium. And then I put on my race t-shirt & went about my day, beaming from another tri completed!

So there you go. Unfortunately, I started working tons after that & traveling a bit, so my enthusiasm for triathlons and training had to take a back seat. I am realizing with each new phase of motherhood (and my work-life & changes in my business), my workout/athlete life adapts. But I will save that for the next update.

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