Happy Thanksgiving!

Good morning! I’ve been up since 5am. It’s Kenzy’s new thing. It’s also why I can’t give up my cup of cold brew coffee in the morning. So let’s start the day with what I’m super thankful for this year:

  1. Modern Medicine= thank you! I guess when you’re old enough, this is on the list every year. But thank you for keeping my friends and family (and dog) around another year & as healthy as possible. It means the world to me and my health anxiety. (Kenzy was playing yesterday & kept having to call the doctor to say “mommy is sick” LOL, is my healthy anxiety already rubbing off on her?)
  2. Cold brew coffee= I don’t know when this trend started, but I’m all about it. I don’t care how cold it is outside, give me some cold brew.
  3. Kenzy’s humor=I am so thankful to have a truly funny kid. Is every kid funny? You may think so, but no. Mine is legit hilarious. From her imitating “emotional” singers to making fart noises, she keeps it going round the clock.
  4. My work friends= After I had a kid, my days at work became my only engaging time spent with adults. And I can promise you these people have been a true lifeline to me when I needed a laugh, needed to complain/vent or just wanted to talk politics/music/pop culture/teaching.
  5. Beach days=We discovered a beach that has an adjoining awesome stretch of dog-friendly beach & we’re there almost every weekend. Every time I can bring Huxley on an adventure that he will also love, I feel a little more at ease. I’m also getting slightly better at sand-castle building, but really I just need better tools.
  6. Denver time= What if your immediate family all moved to the same city without you? I mean it didn’t happen exactly like that, but they are all in the mile-high city now. And for a little while, they are all living within a mile or so of each other (or literally in the same home with one another). It still works out well, though, since now I can see both brothers & my parents after a 2 hour flight. None of them have mentioned moving to L.A. yet.
  7. Biggest Business Event To Date= I’ve had a small business forever. Or at least what feels like forever. It is always a bit shocking to watch Shark Tank and see how quickly people have made millions of dollars when my only goal is to make enough to cover the bills for the month. My time spent focusing on it has had to decrease (thanks KENZY), but I was so proud to have a couple of fun milestones this year–including this fun event this summer where we hired 9+ staff members to help us & it went off totally smoothly (except for that one game played with Ritz crackers that the birds couldn’t get enough of!).
  8. Getting the running bug= Running was my first real love. It was a staple in my life from the age of 20 until I kept getting minor injuries & switched to triathlon at 30 or so. But having a kid and dog has actually made running the easiest choice in exercise, & listening to enough running podcasts convinced me my running days (even my sudo-competitive ones) aren’t nearly over. I have been running consistently 6 days a week for the past two months–still anywhere from 25-60 minutes, so there is still building to do–but thankful to keep at it & keep making time for it.
  9. My tiny weekend away to Palm Springs= I don’t really “take time for myself.” But I try to take a weekend a year away from my kid to live a really quiet 2 days. I like Palm Springs because it is SO CLOSE & the desert is the quiet & boring that I so dearly need. Thanks to Wayne for being my travel partner. We have totally opposite wake/sleep schedules, which gives me just the right amount of social time (3 hours max).
  10. Holiday Fun= This is the year Kenzy really began to understand holidays. When I was a kid, holidays were LIFE–they were everything to me. At Christmas I had binders dedicated to researching the best family wrapping paper. At various celebrations, I directed my brother & cousins in my latest theatrical productions–knowing holidays meant the family would be gathering (built in forced audience). This excitement wore off eventually, but as soon as Kenzy started showing interest in Halloween and then Christmas, I nearly lost my mind with excitement. In my head, I wasn’t going to be one of those parents who made Christmas about material stuff–but nope, we’ve already written a letter to Santa–which we mail to Alaska where they will put a “North Pole” stamp & return the OTHER letter I wrote from Santa to Kenzy (it’s complex). This is for sure my best life. Thanksgiving is a hard concept to explain to her at this age, so instead she is celebrating my best friend’s dog’s birthday today (it is not his birthday, but this was the only way I could get her excited about going to Chuck’s).

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