Flat Tire.

I’ve been jogging with Kenzy, Huxley and our Thule jogging stroller for over three years now. It’s been my savior on most days, but I have to admit it’s wearing on me. Kenzy is a little giant, and pushing her while keeping track of Huxley is not the feeling of the solo run I had grown so accustomed to for decades. Over the holidays we’ve been going out farther (Kenzy says,”Let’s see ALL the holiday lights!”), and today I was DONE. “You’re too big for this stroller!” I huffed and puffed going up a tiny incline. I was frustrated at what my once fast pace had turned into. Huxley, sniffing another tree again, refusing to move & Kenzy making me check each one of those little free libraries peppered throughout the neighborhood. Was this EVEN a run? At one point I stopped to take a picture of a butterfly just hanging out on my shoe. Was I going SO SLOW that a butterfly found me as appealing as a bush? I gave up briefly, stopping to sip my iced coffee in the stroller’s cup holder.

Towards the end of the run, I had trouble even keeping the stroller straight. Did Kenzy eat too many holiday treats? Was she leaning way to the left? I looked down and saw the culprit right away. One of the tires was completely flat. I apologized to Kenzy right away, “You’re not too big after all!” as we both laughed. “It was the WHEEL,” Kenzy giggled. I felt a major relief that maybe I wasn’t losing my form and maybe with a little air in the tires it would all be OK again. I’m still not a race queen, but I am happy to know Kenzy hasn’t totally outgrown her “stroll stroll” as we call it. It continues to be my brush with the outdoors & consistent movement–as slow as it may be. It boosts my mood in a year where it really needs boosting.

I thought maybe I could make a metaphor out of this whole thing by the last paragraph, but really I’m just happy to air up this tire later today & get back out there tomorrow.

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  • PaPa

    Maybe you have done to much over the holidays and you are gone to the other side of tired… rest yourself til after the first and then get back to it… add on a little each day and work your way back to where you should be…. good luck and love you !!

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