“Do you have a pet opossum?”

I’m a meal delivery expert at this point in the “Stay at Home” order. I wait until I see the little car moving on my app, parking in front of my house & then go outside to meet a usually confused delivery person. It’s the life of a back house person. People can’t find you.

Tuesday I go outside with Kenzy to collect the Thai dinner order, and I see the delivery person way at the far end of our long walkway. I assume he doesn’t want to get too close because of the Covid situation, but before I can just tell him to leave the package there I notice he his filming something.

Delivery person: “Stop. We have a situation here.”

Me: “Huh?”

Delivery person, filled with intense fear, “Do you have a pet opossum?”

I look up at our neighbor’s tree, which hangs over our walkway. I don’t see anything. I then catch something moving on the wall that divides our properties & it’s the giant Momma opossum. Delivery person looks like he has decided he is done for life with this delivery madness, still filming and walking backwards and even further away from us. I wish I had his Instagram handle, so I could watch this he made video over and over.

Me: “No there’s just a family of opossums that lives over there. You can just put the food down. I can come get it.”

Delivery person, as if we’re both in Mission Impossible, “No, no. I can’t let you and your daughter be in danger. I’ll do it.” He squirms, looking up in fear.

He then sprints as fast and as he can to hand me the food and runs off screaming. We both laugh. It had been awhile since a real life interaction had been so surprising and so unexpectedly funny. A stranger making me laugh was the highlight of my day. It’s something I definitely miss since cutting down on virtually every human interaction. There are very few surprises.

It has been a tough week in terms of work and sleep and my non-napping daughter, but she finally took a nap today! I may have bribed her with “points” that when added up will equal a Christmas present. Luckily she doesn’t know how to add. So thank you napping Kenzy, thank you delivery guy, thank you crazy neighbor who feeds the opossum family & thank you Taylor Swift for releasing another brand new album (2 in one year!) tonight at midnight. These things will help me through the week.

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