Christmas Past.

I am sitting here trying to schedule a Zoom meeting with Santa, filling out a Google Survey about bad habits my kid might have that Santa can address. No thanks, I will not have Santa shaming my kid. Her latest accomplishment? Epic scooter speeds. What message do I want Santa to convey? Ummm, a message of peace and unity?

I was hoping our numbers would be down & we would be able to drive to see my family for Christmas. With a new Stay at Home order in place in L.A. later tonight, though, it very much isn’t worth the risk. Many of you have probably had to make these decisions and had to have some hard conversations. Kenzy just asked me again today, “Can we go to Denver for Christmas?”

Christmas was always an epic holiday growing up. Somehow, myself and pretty much every person in my extended family THRIVES on celebrating Christmas. Any new person to ever enter the family Christmas was probably experiencing lots of shock and awe as what we thought was “normal” and “what everyone does” for the holiday season.

From a kid’s perspective, Christmas Eve was where it was at. I was lucky enough to grow up with both sides of my mom and dad’s families living in the same small town. Both sides chose Christmas Eve as the time to get together. So for years, we would drive over (or host) a huge get together with dinner, singing, presents, games, etc–only to then be whisked away to another equally over-the-top celebration with another dinner, caroling, visit from Santa, present-opening, games, etc. For an 8 year old, it was pure magic.

But that was just the MOST thrilling part–depending on who was in town and for how long, the days before that and after that were also spent with food and games. There is the girl get-together (still surviving!), a yearly tradition that involves each individual PERFORMING–I mean, who does this? Thank goodness I was a theatre kid. On Christmas morning there were individually-wrapped stocking gifts that took over an hour to get through. Group trips to the movies, Grandmother celebrating weeks before with small gifts to the grandkids, and my own personal “pre-Christmas” binder including my plans for meals the week of & wrapping paper design.

I’m doing the best I know how to create a festive season this year. We are going through a drive-thru lights/North Pole/holiday experience (there are like a dozen of them now, it’s so L.A.), talking to our Zoom Santa (who will hopefully reform Kenzy into a perfect being if I fill this Google Form out correctly), going to get a real live Christmas tree for the first time ever. But I will dearly miss directing a family production of A Charlie Brown Christmas and eating all my mom’s oatmeal cookies.

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