An entry every day.

I am going to do my best to write an entry every day until the end of the year. I did this once before, and I ran out of things to say. This was an amazing feeling. I love to write, but I don’t have much these days. I’m going to try to stop by here everyday for my own good–my own self care. I hope you stop by, too.

The other day I was thinking about how I could basically just write these entries on Facebook or Instagram. Who knows, maybe I can even get FOLLOWERS? I was thinking about how blogs are not a real thing anymore, but back when I was doing it it in 2001 (thanks to this domain name I was gifted, otherwise I would’ve never done it)–it was super new and strange to put your life on the internet. I put photos of my life up there & that was so crazy. I put my address up there & invited the internet world to a house party. It’s really hard to believe how quickly things have changed. I do love Instagram–the simplicity of a photo and a caption, and sometimes I like the way people have really turned the Instastory into a creative way to share their life. But it exhausts me. My mind just doesn’t work that fast. I still think I could be good at Twitter until I actually try to write a tweet (much like my dreams of stand up comedy). Long form reflective writing seems to be my thing, no matter how out of season it may be. Some of you may have been the recipients of my long form emails–I can go on FOREVER. I love them, but sadly–who wants a long email anymore? I think people just feel overwhelmed by them, as if they have to reply with the same. If you do want an epic email, please send me a request at kristymesser@msn.com. I can spit those out instantly!

All that to say I’m still here! And I really do miss it when I’m away. I may even post this LINK IN BIO on my Instagram & hashtag it & all that kind of thing. Maybe I’ll have a new site logo designed. Maybe even do a re-order of kristymesser.com t-shirts that I gave away back in the day to celebrate the fact I had a webpage all about myself. I was an egomaniac before it was trendy! It’s time for me to jump on whatever the next big trend is (except this time make some money doing it). Hopefully a month of old-fashioned blogging will lead me to do something really innovative. Or at least give me a moment of peace in my life to sit down and celebrate the fact that I’m healthy & am lucky enough to have this little baby girl that wakes me up at 5am & says in the sweetest voice you’ll ever here, “GOOD MORNING MOMMY!” It’s more of a directive that I GET UP than a genuine show of appreciation, but whatever the motivation–it’s super cute! OK, late for work. Thanks always for taking the time to read this. I guess we can equate it to a hand-written letter, which I only gave up when my grandmother died & no one else would write me. Happy Friday my friends. Come check out the site more often. I’ll be busy thinking of things to say to you.


  • Selena B

    I love your long blog posts, and you can send me a long e-mail or hand-written letter any time! I also fail at 2019 mediated communication brevity. I can’t even do texting– people who try just get belated, paragraph-long, properly punctuated replies from me and I am sure they are weirded out by it.

  • Dad and PaPa

    I still have the T-shirt from way back then !! If you re-order, I need a bigger size !! Ha !! Oh how I enjoy reading your posts … keep up the great work !!

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