An Athlete’s Gift Guide

I started a whole blog post reviewing about a dozen sports bras, but it was exhausting & just linking everything and adding pictures was stressing me out. Also, do my mom and dad (my loyal readers) really need to know my thoughts on which sports bra gives the most lift? But I do like workout gear, so I’m keeping it simple with my favorite products/labels/brands lately. There will be no links or pictures because turns out I’m not a true influencer at heart. It is way too much work. But I will try to get the names right!

  1. Running Shoes: Pearl Izumi Women’s Tri Shoes= I have been running in these for years now. I bought them first as a short distance triathlon shoe. It is not overly padded, has no laces to tie & is OK to run in without socks/while wet (triathlete issues). But now they are my everyday shoe, my race shoe, my only running shoe. There are different ones out there, and I’ve liked every one I’ve tried. Bright colors, too. Mine are orange now & I love them. I size up in my running shoes, so I’m a size 9 in these. SO much easier to not have to lace up all the time, too.
  2. Running Stroller: Thule Urban Glide 2= This has replaced the regular stroller and is now the only one we take around. It is SUCH a smooth ride. It’s kept outdoors & still has held up fairly well–fabric is starting to tear, which is probably expected after 2 years of outdoor wear and tear. I’ve had to replace a couple of the tire tubes, but I only have had to air them up a couple of times. It’s my FAVORITE color blue! I also recommend getting an add on beverage/stuff holder. I keep a water bottle, poop bags (for my dog, not me), phone all in there.
  3. Running Tights= I have a new love–Outdoor Voices. I am so old school & I keep running tights for literally decades, so I’m so new to actually running with style (I think this just started in the past 5 years or so). On recommendation from a dear running friend (Aransas!), I ordered a couple of pair on sale. They were a really lightweight capri (I guess this is why they were on sale in November), so I also bought a mid-weight pair of tights & all 3 of them are AMAZING. Really what I love these days is the highest possible waist you can find, and these have it & it doesn’t fall down while running. It really stays put.
  4. Sports Bra= I also took a chance and ordered an Outdoor Voices zip sports bra & it is my favorite. It’s a high support one because my body type is one that could never get away with anything labeled “low support.” I need this sports bra to do so much work, and it does without complaint. It is so frustrating when you can’t find a sports bra that works on all levels, but this does it.
  5. Workout Apps/Podcasts= This year I regularly used Map My Run, Nike Run, Cycle Cast & listened to Rambling Runner Podcast. I don’t stick to an app forever, but they definitely motivators when I needed them.
  6. Sunscreen= Another friend (thanks Kendra!) recommended this product, and I’ve been obsessed with it. It’s Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF Protect & Perfect. I buy on Amazon. It goes on so smooth & has a tint, so on days when I’m not doing anything more than working out–I can just wear this. I have re-ordered at least three times. I never go out running without it.
  7. Sports Watch= Ugh, I am so low tech it is sometimes embarrassing, but I wear an old school digital watch. I used to buy fancy ones but then realized I only use it for the timer & the time…I could never figure out other uses. I am a low tech runner right now. I don’t measure distance, pace, or any of that at the moment. Just minutes. So I’ve bought the Armitron Sports Watch–Rose Gold for $22 at Amazon. I’ve bought a couple at this point & I love how slim it is, so it doesn’t look too “sports watch.” I wear it all the time.
  8. Swim Goggles= I have tried so many of these without any that haven’t given me trouble in the middle of a triathlon. But this year I got a free pair with purchase of a new wetsuit from a company called Zone 3. I bought another pair. They are pricey ($45), but if you like to swim–it’s really the one piece of gear you invest in besides your suit–treat yourself!! By the way, I couldn’t zip the wetsuit from this company up by myself & it was so sad–I sent them emails saying their size charts were wrong LOL & I made tears in the suit just trying to put it on. So demoralizing until they asked me if I watched the video about how to put the suit on. Apparently the suits are so thin that you need to put them on while wearing gloves & a properly fitting triathlon wetsuit SHOULDN’T be easy to zip up. OOPS. In good news, I can zip it up by myself now & I just live with the tears in the suit. Not ready to recommend it just yet.



  • Aunt Don

    I enjoyed reading your insight on running gear. I’d never thought about any of that sort of thing and I found it interesting. Plus I’ve always enjoyed reading your thoughts and feelings. Love you!!

  • admin

    Ha! I am always shocked to find anyone reads these, so I’m super grateful. I miss being near all my family so much, even a short note like this really brightens my day!!

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