Motivation Tanked. Must be the holidays!

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. For once in quite awhile mine did not involve travel. While I love exploring new (and old) places, I also don’t love the airport during the holidays–or driving through wintery craziness. So staying home had its definite benefits. What did I do? Besides the normal fun stuff, I… Continue reading Motivation Tanked. Must be the holidays!


I decided very last minute to get out of L.A. for the weekend, so we are here in Huntington Beach. It’s only about an hour away from where we live, but it’s really close to our favorite (DOG) beach. The room has an ocean view, which I am looking at right now. There is a… Continue reading Staycation

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl

Whew. We made it. One Whole Year. I’m celebrating mostly the fact that I somehow have remained semi-sane and the baby has not been permanently damaged by the 1,000 falls she has taken around the house as she attempts new moves and maneuvers (Baby Seal-ing, as we call it). Being so reluctant about parenthood, I… Continue reading Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl

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Momma Triathlete

I’m changing the site up! We’ll pretend it’s not because GoDaddy/Wordpress lost 8 years of posts, no that didn’t happen at all. I just needed a new vibe as a new mom. Thank goodness for a website called the Wayback Machine that archives websites. I was able to save SO MUCH of my previous writing… Continue reading Momma Triathlete