Pandemic Routines

Let me start by saying I understand this pandemic has hit everyone in different ways. As for me, and many teachers L.A. County, it has meant teaching remotely for going on a year now (while having your little ones at home!). I have many times thought, “How can I do this?” Finally this past week… Continue reading Pandemic Routines

How I Spent My Vacation

I had two weeks off, which was wonderful. When you are working from home & you aren’t going anywhere for the holidays a “vacation” seems a little odd. OK, so I don’t have to log onto Zoom. OK, I don’t have to check my emails. What’s the big difference? Ugh, major difference. I need another… Continue reading How I Spent My Vacation

Thunderstorms in L.A.

It rarely thunderstorms here. I mean, in the past 7 or so years–it hardly even rains. I was celebrating at midnight when the wind and rain and thunder woke me up (also Huxley, who was terrified). After a morning bike ride where Kenzy insisted on riding in slow motion through every single puddle she saw,… Continue reading Thunderstorms in L.A.

Flat Tire.

I’ve been jogging with Kenzy, Huxley and our Thule jogging stroller for over three years now. It’s been my savior on most days, but I have to admit it’s wearing on me. Kenzy is a little giant, and pushing her while keeping track of Huxley is not the feeling of the solo run I had… Continue reading Flat Tire.

Merry Christmas Eve

It’s 8:17am and Kenzy is staring intently at the gifts under the tree. It is going to be a very very long day for her. “Is it Christmas YET?!?!” I have only broken down into tears once so far this morning. Oh also, I started doubting stocking contents, so I placed an Instacart order from… Continue reading Merry Christmas Eve

20 years

I moved to Los Angeles in September of 2000 when I was 22 years old. The twenty-two year old me was absolutely clueless and ridiculous and hopeful. I found an apartment to rent in Glendale for myself and my best friend Chuck who moved in a few weeks later. I would start my master’s program… Continue reading 20 years