Warm Weather= BBQtime

Well, quite a difference–last weekend we were snowed in & this weekend we are enjoying temps in the 80s…LOVE it.  Me and the roomies broke out the grill & had a late lunch feast, reminding me of how much I’ve missed the outdoor cooking.  Of course, it’s still just February–so I know the weather is probably not here to stay–but I’m having fun wearing flip flops instead of those darn boots.

Also, it is a 3 day weekend!  I needed one!   I’ve got some work and non-work business to take care of, so the extra day really helps (though I do plan to spend some much needed time at the beach tomorrow).  Chuck made some Valentine’s cookies–that’s about as Valentines as I get.  Good cookie, too.

In the coolest news, I am able to add mileage little by little to my long run–and today I hit 11 miles with no aches/pains.  Hooray!  Of course, part of me thinks “I should be running a 20 miler by now”–but I’m happy for any additional pain-free mileage I can get.  I was thinking about doing the Pasadena Half-Marathon next weekend–but it’s also a marathon, which means it’s expensive, crowded, and kind of a hassle just to get my miles in.  So, I’ll save money & create a new route for myself next weekend.  My big push is the next two weeks (13 and 16 miles) & if those go OK, I’ll just hope for the best on marathon day.  It’s great for my triathlon, though, because my distance-building is already done (on the run anyway).

I’m watching the Olympics on and off.  I don’t like it as much as the Summer Olympics, but I can get sucked into any of those events.  I just really admire the athletes that have put so much of their lives into just making it to this event.  And my friend Wayne’s cousin Tommy Ford is on the USA ski team.  Go Tommy!

That’s it from this end.  It’s great to feel all exhausted from a long run again–taking it slowly is smart, but it also doesn’t give you the same feeling of accomplishment is really putting in the miles.  Nap time!!!

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