Three Day Weekend=training updates

This always happens to me on a three day weekend.  I plan to get up Sunday morning to do one of my long workouts as usual, and then I think–well, tomorrow is a holiday, why don’t I just do it then?  As many workouts as I do, you won’t believe how extremely easy it is for me to convince myself NOT to do one.

I had planned on doing a group run today, but I have social running anxiety (I just made this up).  At a party, you can pretty much get away from anyone you don’t want to talk to (or leave the party).  On a 16 mile run, you are pretty much stuck.  For hours.   At the same time, I would like to meet some training partners–some of my best long runs have been with someone along side me–but I would also like to know this person before we embark on this adventure.  I told myself instead I would try the shorter 3-6 mile group run that happens on Tuesdays.   But mostly, I just wanted to eat my yogurt, check my email & drink some coffee  all leisurly before I head outside…and that’s much more doable when I’m only running 6 miles instead of 16.

In good news, my achilles seems to be doing fine.  I went on a 6 miler this past Friday evening & it was such a great run.  I love when running feels effortless (I usually find out later that is because I was going slightly downhill–but I like to believe it’s because I’m an amazing runner).  I’m doing the same route today & hopefully tomorrow my 16 miles will feel equally as effortless (at least until mile 13 or so).

I got my Racing Weight book in, and I read through it in one sitting.  Most of it I already knew, but I appreciate the author really doing the research & compiling studies on different issues.  And also telling me what/when to eat–but more importantly WHY.  It’s important for me to hear how it will enhance my health or my training before I can really adapt new habits–otherwise, it just sounds like an arbitrary rule.  There is a number system involved which I may or may not try–basically every one serving of high nutrient food counts as a point, low nutrient counts as minus a point…and you keep track of your daily number to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need.  Or do it occasionally to see if you’re on track.  Kind of like a food diary, but less involved.

He really helped me to understand why you must feed yourself before & after a workout–immediately after if you can & even showed scheduled eating times if you’re working out morning, afternoon, evening–or double workouts.  I’ve been doing much better with my eating the past 2 weeks–went to the grocery store & bought enough stuff for an entire week…brought lunch to work everyday.  It’s much easier when I don’t have a full work schedule (screaming kids), but I’m pretty sure I can keep this up–especially with the motivation from the book.  I’m not yet concerned about weight/body fat percentage & measuring that…I’m not really a numbers person.  I figure let me get my healthy habits going & then see what happens to my body.  If I lose a few pounds, thank goodness–because those pounds add up when I’m climbing on that bike.  If I stay the same, I feel like at least I’ll have more energy and consistency when I’m training.  Anyway, I’m going to keep going back to the book because it’s the first one I’ve seen that’s really geared toward endurance athletes & their concerns.

Yesterday I tried my first hill repeat on the bike since September–rough!  It’s the perfect hill, though–it’s at West LA College or something that sounds similar–they have a circle drive that goes around the school & includes a pretty long, difficult hill (not short and extreme…you can climb the whole thing seated–but man, it’s slow).  The best is that there is rarely traffic–mostly just a few people jogging, so I LOVE it.  I just started doing this last summer, but now I’m going to start to include it as a weekly part of training.  It’s a short workout, so it’s great if I don’t have much time but still want to get on the bike.  It really helps prepare me mentally and physically for the hills.

I registered for Nationals in Alabama in September, so I guess I’m really going.  So exciting!!!  This whole triathlon thing feels like such a gift–just like when I discovered running for the first time (especially road races).  It sounds all rough and time-consuming & painful—but I wouldn’t do it if it didn’t involve so much pure joy (not everytime I go out, but a good 90% of it).

OK, enough talk about working out–it’s all sunny and warm out & I’m running in a tank & capris in January (so thankful to live out west).  Have a great three day weekend & just let me know when you get bored of me talking about working out.

Update:  Bummer, on my 6 mile run–the achilles acted up again around mile 4.  Looking back on the week, again I see that my workouts leading up to it did not allow for ample rest.  Back to the drawing table!  From now on, I’m going to be treadmill running (when I’m better), so if there is any pain–I can stop immediately!  On all the message boards, it just calls for cross-training, rest, & only running when it’s pain free.  I can tell it’s not yet a tear or anything–just tendonitis…so resting from the running again.  I’m facing the fact that my marathon could NOT happen at this point–but I’ll give it another month & see where I’m at then.

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