Online Dating.

So, I’m not a very consistent online dater, but I try it out when I’m not seeing anyone (and really put my best effort in this past  summer to pretty mediocre results).  I’ve never actually had a long term relationship that started online, so my heart is not fully in it–but now that most of my hours are spent working with 100% female teachers, I’m not sure where I’m supposed to find anyone…and it’s kind of fun to search through people, picking and choosing for the most arbitrary reasons.

But then it’s once contact actually begins that things tend to get discouraging real fast.  And this is not only on the guy’s side–sometimes I just forget to go online and check my messages, or I get busy in my non-virtual life & lose interest, or he disappears.  So most of this online contacts never actually results in an in-person meeting.

After visiting my hairstylist, she turns me onto a new free site, which I’ve been on for like a week now.  I’ve had a couple of good back and forth conversations, but today I get this email that is THE best yet.  I normally wouldn’t post such a thing, but it was pretty amazing:

“However, before this gets too far, I need to stop. My ex, who it took me a hell of a long time to get over due to her craziness and relentless obsession over me (which included stalking and suicide bs) shares the same name as you. I didn’t notice it til you signed your name, and I can tell you right now that although I’m past her, the name coincidence would be just too much and it would be better to stop at the very beginning than have either of us get hurt.

I guess you can chalk that up to a crazy “online dating story” you can tell your friends, lol.”

Wow–rejected for my name!  This is a new one.   I wrote him back a goodbye & signed it “Susie.”  Mom and Dad, thanks for naming me “Kristy” and by doing so, forever keeping me from being with my soulmate.  I will try to forgive you.  Hopefully that is my first and last post about online dating.

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