Triathlon Season Begins

There are multiple posts I want to write, but I’ve got to get on my bike before too many cars start showing up on the road–so we’ll keep it to triathlons for now.  But I promise there are more interesting entries in the works.

I’ve decided on my “season” for this year–it starts about a month after the L.A. marathon.  I’m doing the L.A. Tri Series for the second time.  I did it my first year of triathloning & it’s a great deal.  You get three races, each one month apart, & the distance grows each time…also it’s only an hour away from me & in a beautiful park with a LAKE (not ocean!) & nice trail run.  Mostly, though, it saves money and time–no pre race pick up, no hotel room to find, etc.  That takes me through June.

On my 32nd birthday in July, I’m going to do the Strawberry Fields triathlon in Oxnard, California.  It’s supposed to be a really great race, and I can’t imagine a better way of spending my birthday!  Really!

As of now, I’m planning to go to nationals in Alabama on September 25th (my brother’s birthday!), but the official registration info isn’t up yet–so I have to make sure I’m all qualified & all of that.

The major difference with this season over my last two is that I’m focusing on longer distance triathlons.  I’m pretty good at sprints, but I’d love to be better at longer races.  It’s a hassle to bring out & set up all your gear, etc, and be done with the race in an hour.  The only downside to doubling all the distances is that I’m considerably slower & medals are harder to come by!  But that’s the whole point of this year–I’m going to see if I can actually get competitive in this distance.  I like being competitive.  I used to just like to be able to finish, but that gets old pretty fast (except in the marathon, where this is still my goal).

It will require some longer workouts, but really nothing too outrageous (I’m not doing an Ironman…or even a half ironman anytime soon).  And if this season isn’t as fun, I can always go back to the sprints.  At the moment, I’m just getting back onto my bike & into the pool.  I took about 2 1/2 months off & focused only on running–so it’s actually really fun to add the others into the mix.

Once I’m back doing the biking/swimming thing more regularly, I’ll develop more specific goals for myself.  Last year, I totally turned my swim stroke around by taking private lessons & doing lots and lots of drills.  I’m thinking of attempting this ridiculous L.A. Tri-chicks hill series on my bike that starts up in February–it’s intimidated me too much the past 2 years.  They go out for like 50 miles & do hill climbs that make me think “ummm, I’ll just walk my bike up this one, thanks.”–but I sure bet it makes the bike portion of the triathlon a much smoother experience.

Oh, and I wrote earlier about nutrition.  I ordered a book and everything, only to find out the book was written several years back & focuses on carb-loading–which is totally different than what the author was talking about when I went to see him–he was all about the protein!  Anyways, that book involved too much number-crunching & food weighing–so luckily, my new triathlete magazine has another endurance nutrition book called “Racing Weight” or something, which I LOVE saying “I need to get down to my racing weight”–so I’ll order the book for that reason alone.

In injury news, I hurt my achilles tendon on my long 16 mile run last weekend.  It wasn’t the length of the run because the pain started in mile 9 or so.  I had to run/walk at the end, didn’t want to run through the pain–because that is NEVER a good idea (this has taken my stubborn self a lonnnnng time to learn, and I’m still learning).  Luckily, triathloning has given me two other sports to focus on, as well as weightlifting in the gym–so I can occupy myself while I allow any soreness or injury to repair itself.  I ran a mile on Wednesday & it felt OK, so I’m going to do a short 5 miler or so tomorrow & hopefully it will be all good.  These things mess with me more mentally than physically, but I have learned so much in the past few years about the importance of rest and recovery.  Thank you stress fracture!  Thank you foam roller, L.A. Sports Massage, trainer, etc.

OK, put off my bike ride long enough (by writing about my bike ride, awesome)…hoping my rear tire isn’t flat!

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  1. you take that achilles tendon thing serious sweetheart, remember what happened to your Mom….if it doesn’t feel right please get ti looked at as it can become very serious very fast !!! Did you leave your camera battery charger here at the house ??? I found one that wasn’t mine….love & miss ya, Dad

  2. i really wanted to read the other post, but it was password protected. we are booked (by train and air and hotel) for the LA marathon and I also want to attend one of the longer tri’s – maybe alabama?

    you are indeed awesome!

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