What I learned over my holiday break.

NYE dressWell, I was away from L.A. for a very long time.  Two weeks seems long, anyway.  I am happy to be back home.  I love being surrounded by people for the holidays, but I also crave my alone time.  So, I spent my New Year’s Day on a solo bike ride, followed by some internet fun, followed by some music listenin’ (outlaw country!), followed by some reading, followed by a nap, followed by a hearty meal of wheat thins and tuna & somehow it’s already 7pm.  I am happy for a new year to start, but I would like to take a moment to reflect upon what I’ve learned over my holiday break.

#1)  Recording vocals in a studio is as fun as I’d imagined–doing it with your Dad and your brothers is beyond hilarious.  Even our recording man Russ cracked a smile once or twice.

#2)  I can shoot a shot gun.  Not only can I fire one, but I can actually hit a clay disc & blow it to smithereens (I have the left overs on my desk right now, I’m thinking of calling it my vision board 2010).

#3)  Dresses can be made out of tissue paper.  I learned this from Grandma Edna and Mom, who should both be on the next season of Project Runway.

#4)  You should really double check the dates before you book any travel over the internet.  You may do something like choose the WRONG MONTH to return home & not realize it until you’re checking in.  This could cause you to lose hundreds of dollars & have to take 3 connecting flights to get home.  Your 3pm arrival can turn into a 10pm arrival.

#5)  Savor every meal you are fed by your family while on holiday.  You will recall those hearty meals when you forget to go to the grocery store & have only tuna and wheat thins to eat.  Oh, but it also turns out your roommates will get hungry, too, and will kindly order some thai food when you realize that the wheat thins didn’t do it.

#6)  Don’t assume you will enjoy long runs in the flat country.  You will be bored by mile 3 and desperately longing for gaudy houses to look at, traffic to dodge, Rodeo Drive stores to run past.  Also, don’t assume there will be water stops or restrooms or 7-11s along the way.

#7)  Whenever times get rough living many miles away from your nearest relative, you can recall the ample time you got to spend with them over the holidays: playing board games over a glass of wine, creating post-modern dance pieces with your niece and nephew, seeing a movie with your parents, scratching the dog’s belly, waking up without an alarm, being given the time and freedom that allowed for trips to the gym and runs with deer.  I’m totally rejuvenated!

So, that’s what I learned over my holiday break.  I have two more days of holiday break to enjoy, though my car doesn’t seem to want to start, I have no groceries, dirty clothes are filling up the closet, bills to pay/checks to deposit, etc etc.  I’m phasing back into the real world, but I’ll take these lessons with me into the new year.  I hope you had a great holiday, too & wish you all a happy new year!

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