Race Report: Boston 1/2 Marathon & San Diego Mud Run

I think this is officially the year of the organized races for me.  I need to cut down–these things get to be expensive!  But luckily, they continue to be fun.

I took off last weekend for a quick trip to New York and Boston.  I got to see some friends (very quickly) and drive to Boston to run with my running buddy Aransas.  It’s always great running with her because we seem to be on the same page with running & are usually into running similar paces (sometimes she can be a speed demon, and so can I…but luckily not so this past weekend).  Our half was basically our way into training for the year.  It forced us to build in some long runs, which I’m really bad at.  They always seem so daunting, and because of that–I’ve never really trained well for any marathon.  Sure, I’ll get in a couple of long-ish runs–but nothing like what my initial training calls for.  I’m trying to change that this year–mostly so I don’t end up injured on race day.

Anyway, it rained the 24 hours before the race, so I was a little worried about a soaking wet run.  Luckily, it stopped for most parts of our run–and cloudy and 50s is perfect running weather.  This was outside of Boston–Newton, MA, where we got to run the 13 miles around beautiful, colorful houses, a small lake, fall foliage, etc…and I got to talk to Aransas and catch up the entire way.  I probably shouldn’t be traveling across the country for a long run, but I do have to say it mixed it up a bit.  We ran slowly, which is good–I’m not into being speedy quite yet (I have a few months to get there), but we got the miles in with little pain/struggle.  I’m way excited about the marathon in March now.

Yesterday I drove out to San Diego with three of my friends for my first ever “mud run.”  There are apparently lots of these events around (people are weird like that…we like to jump in mud), and all I can say is—register me for ALL of them.  I really loved it.  It was a 5k, but there were lots of obstacles thrown in throughout the course–hurdles, tunnels, hay to jump over, walls to climb, “snow” to trudge through, and lots and lots of mud pits.  Hilariously amazing!  My teammates did not ALL love it, but that was due to lack of training.  Next year team, we’ll get it together!  There are a couple going on next year, and I can’t wait to do one.  This one was sponsored and held at a mega church–a bit odd, but actually really well run.  Plus we got to stop at Sonic on the way home.  Cherry limeade=yes!!!

I’m keeping the races going with a Turkey Trot 5k on Thursday morning–burning off calories in advance!  It also just helps me to focus on the holiday at hand–giving thanks that I’m healthy enough to run these races & see all the beautiful scenery that surrounds me–this one thursday is around a lake/park, so I’m sure I will enjoy both the crowd and the sights!

I still haven’t completely planned out my marathon training.  It will probably involve a few longer road races between now and March–but not so many that I’m exhausted.  I’m training using a “3 day a week” plan, which involves only 3 runs a week (though all of them highly focused and pretty fast)–the others can be rest and cross-training–so I don’t have to totally let triathlon training slide.  And hopefully, don’t burn out on the running that way.

My trainer and I worked out together on Friday–he’s trying to get me to sign up for more sessions, so I got a freebie in there (it worked).  I’m not able to sign up for many at a time & don’t know if I can do it for very much longer–but we are both out of town on and off, so it will be spread out over the next few months.  It is one of those expenses I can’t seem to give up because having a trainer really helps me bring focus to every single one of my workouts.  I push myself 3-4 workouts a week, I get to let someone else push me the other 2!  I’m also going to find at least one run a week with a club just to help me keep my pace up.  So that’s my training for now.  My big focus over the next month is going to be nutrition, which I hate.  I don’t eat crazy bad foods, but I don’t put nearly as much time into nutrition as I do to exercise & I really do want to be a complete package kind of athlete.  So the goal is just to put more time into thinking about food–weekly shopping, cooking more, etc–especially now when the training isn’t so overwhelming.

So, soon I promise–I will lay off these race reports!  Unless you wanna run a mud run with me?!?!  Sooo much fun!

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