Post-Halloween Weekend: How to manage without a costume

Halloween week was a big distraction for me.  It also happened to be the week our students are not in session, so I spent most of my time at work working on my Halloween costume and props.  Halloween itself was fun, but I was asleep by 11pm.  It was great because I was still able to make my 9 mile run on Sunday (let’s hope I can make my 11 mile run tomorrow!).  The only downside: my costume was so glittery that I STILL have glitter on my face and all over my room (not to mention my Mustang).

So I will do my best not to get lost in Thanksgiving planning.  I’m staying in L.A. this year, so I expect that will be a low key celebration, but I’m still making a turkey if anyone wants to stop by.  Can I bbq that thing on the grill?  Thanksgiving is a holiday I totally believe in= ummm, giving thanks?!?!–that’s a universal thing.  A holiday for optimists!  I am already planning to host a holiday party at our house (ok, half the reason I wanted to move into a house was so I could have at least 2 parties a year), but I need some ideas re: how to make it unique–a holiday party you actually WANT to go to.

I am coming down from my triathlon high.  Last month was a month of great racing, but I’ve really enjoyed the past two weeks of not racing & not having a set training plan.  Now it’s really all about making sure I get a few long runs in before the marathon in March, but it’s still early.  I’m leaving for the East Coast on Thursday to run a 1/2 marathon in the Boston area.  I’m mostly excited for the scenery (fall foliage!) & for the running company (my running buddy will be with me) & not really caring about the speed.  Speaking of speed–unfortunately, my personal training sessions are about to run out.  This is one reason  I wish I made a bit more money.  I don’t really buy lots of expensive toys except what relates to my working out…and personal training is my favorite.  It makes me feel like an athlete with a real coach!  But, I also know I’m pretty good at being my own coach & can make it work.  And I hate telling my trainer no because he’s really good & we both know I’ve become stronger and faster with him pushing me.  Two sessions left…boo!

I’m trying to utilize my non-training time on social and business endeavors, but I’m easily distracted by the entertainment found in my own room (computer, a new book, the T.V., etc).  This weekend is pretty empty, though, so I have high hopes.

I’m about to jump into the dating scene again, after a tragically bad date back in September that left some scars.  (Not real scars, please, I can run fast &  I know Tae Bo).  Maybe this week?  I’ll report back.  In good news: it’s bound to be better than my last date.

I’ve been trying to work out in the a.m., but it’s been a hard shift for me to make.  I’m asleep, so I don’t wake up til the end of the workout.  I like to be fully aware and fast the whole time.  So this morning, instead of slipping on my running shoes, I slipped into my hoodie & went into the kitchen for some bacon, eggs, and coffee–convincing myself this was all protein to give me energy for a workout later on in the morning.  Unfortunately, now it’s after 11am & I’m still in the hoodie with no signs of working out.  (it will have to be a late afternoon thing because I should probably eat lunch soon, right?!)

I’m not good with the time change.  My commute home from work is usually 20-30 minutes.  This week, it was 1hr 20 min!  NOT COOL!  And it’s dark the whole time.  Soooo depressing.  There were no signs of wrecks and someone mentioned more cars were on the road because less people were riding the bus and on bikes in the dark…why do I not remember this happening last year?  I am grateful for some cooler weather…with no A/C, I’m no good in the heat–can’t sleep.  So right now, my hands and feet are freezing, but I still prefer it to the constant sweating.  I think I need a space heater though.

I went to dinner/movie last night with my roommates.  We went to Islands, which if you’re not from California, is a cheesy burger joint that I adore…we all got “exotic cocktails” that cost about as much as our burger, but yummmmy.  And then a movie at one of my favorite theatres to see Precious.  Uber-depressing (just slightly inspiring) but really well done.  The character Precious writes “why me?” in her journal, and it made me think the same thing.  Why some people in this world have to face horrible abuse at the hands of others, poverty, disconnection– while I was blessed with a happy home life & don’t have that sort of baggage following me around.  I can walk light on my feet & am easy to smile, trust, & believe in love.  It of course reminds me of the population I work with (how can it not?)–the middle-schoolers who give me endless amounts of attitude, rolling their eyes at this white girl trying to do my best (shouting at me: “This is boring, miss!” “When will this be over???”) & rarely being able to get through a lesson as planned.

I think about all that they go through at 12 that I could never understand at 31 (their school life is even unstable–changing locations, teachers leaving).  My job–it is something anyone could do (contrary to what society says, certification, degrees, none of it matters as much as you’d like it to).  I think what makes people in the teaching field special is that they continue to show up.  It’s not intellectual or all that deep.  Being there.  I think it matters, although I have no proof–it’s only a hunch.  I taught one kid “Heart and Soul” on the piano after class last session, and after trying it over and over again, he got it right once & we both looked at each other.  I could see how proud he was of himself, and I was, too (what i haven’t told you, kid, is that Heart and Soul is the ONLY song I know…so our lessons are over)!  Arts education folks think we need to be able to articulate why what we do is powerful, but they don’t see that it is powerful because there is no way to articulate it.  I show up.  I try new ideas.   Sometimes I’m horrible at teaching, sometimes I’m good, some days are disaster, some days are a success simply because they weren’t disasters.  The best days are when parents show up to watch their kids perform.  The worst days are when students are focused on how many spitballs they can shoot at me.  They all balance out & the job is just a job, but there are moments when it feels like more than that.  All that to say, Precious was good.  It made me think.

And with that, it’s about lunch time & I’m gonna need some energy if I’m going to make an afternoon workout.  Have a great weekend!!!

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