My favorite weekends are the ones with no plans.

I love waking up with nothing pressing to get done. This means I can sit in my pajamas and write my Saturday entry. Yes, there are some things I SHOULD do this weekend, but I don’t have to be anywhere particular at any given time. Some people thrive on making plans, but I’m not one of them. I crave empty space. My favorite answer to the Monday question, “How was your weekend? What did you do?” is me just staring and thinking, not being able to recall anything specific I did. People look at me with a pity face as they tell me about the movies they saw and the festivals they went to, but I reassure them these are the best kinds of weekends.

No plans are better for the following reasons:

#1) I don’t have to run first thing in the morning in order to get home by a specific time. I can even put off that run til late afternoon if I want. I am such a rebel.

#2) I don’t have to drive, make my way through busy parking lots or attempt to find street parking when there is none. Believe me, there is enough of this to do on a typical weekday.

#3) I actually have time to water my sad plants. I look at them for too long and hope they’ve forgiven me for the past 4 days of no watering.

#4) If there is a huge space of nothingness, I get to do my favorite thing—read! I’m still reading the Hillary Clinton book, which is so huge that I will need lots of empty space to be able to finish it.

#5) Everything takes on a feeling of “calm”–I’m not rushing to do anything, which is good for the brain. Washing dishes, paying the bills, etc–it all becomes meditative.

#6) I can do all the planning for trips I should’ve planned a long time ago (example: Thanksgiving in Texas).

#7) I can have last minute plans! That I actually want to do, not something I agreed to do weeks ago & am now trying to get out of. Today, for example, I don’t mean to sound pretentious–but I may go sailing. Nope, anyway I say it, it makes me sound like a snob. If it makes you feel better, they just drink Bud Light on the boat. Sailors are just like us!

#8) A nap! This doesn’t always happen for me, but when it does–it’s a glorious thing. A mid-afternoon nap. Not the post-work-exhausted-I-have-to-power-nap-to-make-it-through-the-evening kind of nap. The leisurely, “Well, there’s nothing else to do but nap” nap.

#9) Can you imagine all the money I have saved not making plans?!? Gas money, parking fees, entrance fees, ticket costs, food/drink tabs, etc. This is frugal living at its best!

#10) These weekends balance out the weekends that are packed with plans. For instance, the NYC Marathon is coming up. It’s not just like you show up and run. You have to go to a massive convention center the day before to get your race number and travel (by ferry!) to the race hours in advance of the marathon. Next up: wait in the shivering cold for the race to start. Add to that the celebratory meals, catching up with friends, and doing touristy stuff–anyways, I want to go back to bed just thinking about it. It will be a blast I’m sure (not so sure about miles 20-26.2), but I’m happy to balance it out with a day like today.

Plans or no plans, I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. Is it nap time yet?

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  1. always plan on some Sunday football, HA !!! Good luck this weekend as everyone is shooting for you, HA !!!!

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