Lots of DRAMA today…

Today we had some of our culminations at work. This involved a morning of Crime Scene Investigation themed theatre (is this a thing? The students seem to think so…) that some 4th graders performed. Followed by an uncomfortable moment when a 1st grader wet her pants onstage (Miss Kristy, what is that water?? A fellow student said–pointing at a quickly growing puddle). This was all followed by a weird kid-devised script where students were dancing to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” & meanwhile a monkey (of course) was throwing banana peels down and making them slip. Hilarious! It’s a day of nonsense, costumes, laughter, me yelling “LOUDER, we can’t hear you!!!”

And right now, I’m off to more theatre–of the professional kind. A Trip to Bountiful! I’m looking forward to sitting back and not having to be the constant director. This means I will probably take at least two naps during the show.

It also means that I’m spending my only free minutes of the day to make sure this blog happened. Short, sweet, drama-filled. Hope your Wednesday was as entertaining!

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