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I’ve realized I forget what to say in this longer format–I have perfected the Facebook status length sound bites, and now the idea of an actual post seems daunting.  Don’t worry, I’ll get over it.

So Friday is here–I’m so happy because I’ve been working on a work project after hours and weekends for the past couple of weeks & it’s nice to have that all over and done with & a full 3 day weekend in front of me.  We just had our work fundraiser gala last night–Inner-City Arts 20th anniversary, too.  It went smoothly–lots of guests & people being pretty generous in the live auction.  It’s a strange balance all the time with non-profits–constantly raising money in order to survive while also remaining true to their original vision.  I think ICA does a great job of that–I mean, an arts education center not only surviving–but growing–for 20 years!  That’s pretty cool, and if you come visit us, you will see how unique the site itself is.  I’ve been doing this for the past 10 years or so in several cities, and except for Seattle Children’s Theatre, I’ve never seen a space for art education like this.  So I was happy to work at the dinner, and even better, score a free meal!

I’m itching to do something completely on my own, too.  I feel like it’s the next step for me.  I want to be a business-woman.  My mom reminded me of my various attempts at businesses I tried in my youth–selling refreshments to our family “performances,”  setting up a “ham and cheese” shop in which I sold slices of ham and cheese through the window of my puppet show stage, displaying my entire collection of records on our coffee table for sale–marking each one with a permanent 99 cents label, the obligatory lemonade stand (to which I added popcorn balls, cookies, etc)…and who knows what else.  I like selling things.  I like turning a profit.  I follow in my dad’s footsteps on that one.  So, I’m trying to work on side projects right now, which will challenge me in brand new ways.  I’m always up for a challenge.

I have one more triathlon left this year–it’s on Sunday & only a few miles away.  The bike course actually takes place on part of my usual bike route, so it’s a fairly easy race for me (if these things can be considered easy).  While I love the triathlons these days, I love even more that there is a “season” to them, so you don’t feel like you need to train year round.  I’m seriously pondering what life would be like if I really dedicated myself to becoming a better athlete…making more time for training, taking my diet seriously, etc.  I was at the gym yesterday working out with my trainer (who I will unfortunately not be able to afford for very much longer).  It was the plyometrics/speed/agility workout that I love:  I’m going through the ladder on the ground in different patterns, hopping over hurdles, etc— meanwhile, the folks on the treadmills get a good view of this (funny stuff when I knock cones over, curse my trainer, am forced to do push ups, etc).  Yesterday’s workout was challenging for me because I had done a swim just beforehand & was already a little wiped.  But I made it through, and at the end this woman comes up to me and says “You are just the most amazing person I’ve seen working out here.  Do you compete?”  She went on to tell me over and over how inspiring I am & I see her reading my trainer’s bio on my way out.  She has no idea how this completely made my day.  I don’t do any kind of training/racing for outside approval (not even for medals, though those are always nice).  Honestly, they keep me sane, allow me a different focus in life, keep it exciting, etc…but turns out, it does make a difference when someone thinks that I must “compete.”  I love my workouts more than ever, and so we’ll see what next season brings.  As it gets darker earlier, though, it will be nice to get off the bike and out of the pool & just return to running and weights.  Mostly for dress reasons–triathloning requires way too much forethought when it comes to packing my gym bag for the end of the day.  Yesterday I think I had 4 outfit changes throughout the day.  I’m looking forward to just putting on some running shoes for awhile.

In other news, I’ve moved into a house (in August) & am just loving it.  I have roommates again.  I’ve heard the “I’m too old for roommates” bit from several folks, but I enjoy the mini-family I have out here now.  I love living on my own, too, and I guess at some point I thought I’d be moving in with the man-of-my-dreams & do that whole thing–but instead I keep finding guys that don’t have that same goal (these guys are easy to find in L.A.).  Oddly enough, I don’t feel bitter or stressed by it–other people tend to bring it up more than I think about it, which in turn makes me question myself (“what’s wrong with me?”…ok, mostly i say “what’s wrong with these guys?”).  People  give me sad faces when I tell them about my latest crazy adventures & they try to think of friends they could set me up with.  I would of course love to have a boyfriend, but I’m not interested in having one for the sake of having one.  I really want to love someone, have them love me back, and basically–just have a great time traveling through life together.  I don’t wanna be dragging someone through life or have to chase them either.  Those are really my only guidelines at the moment.  I don’t have a plan, or a scheme, or any idea what I’m doing really.  All I know is that I’ve led an incredibly full, entertaining life for the past 30 years, and I plan to do the same as long as I’m lucky enough to be around, whether I’m single or in a couple.  But guys, in the future, please wear a shirt in your profile pic.  Let’s keep it classy!!!

But back to the new house and roomies.  It’s lovely.  We also have a dog (Effie) that makes me very happy.  We play games together–she loves me hiding and jumping out to scare her.  At least, I think that’s love.  Maybe I’m scarring her for life.  She’s tiny & I never thought I was a tiny dog kind of person, but she totally won me over.  Oh–and the yard–I’ve grilled half a dozen times so far & I really enjoy having a backyard space.  I also really enjoy that we’re just renting, and the landlords hired a gardener that comes weekly.  Hello!  Not sure if I’ll ever be able to afford to buy property in L.A., but I will be talking about “my gardener” ALL the time.  He is not the Desperate Housewives kind, though, ladies, don’t get excited.  We have a washer dryer–it’s been a decade maybe since I’ve not had to save up quarters for that sort of thing.  It’s the luxury life out here in L.A.

And Chuck is back in the mix, which is as cool as I thought it would be.  He is like a brother to me, and my brothers like him so much they wouldn’t be offended that I say that.  And being that I have no family out here, him living here makes me feel like I’m home.  OK, really, he laughs at ALL my corny jokes, so that’s a huge part of it.

I’ve spent my morning typing away on this thing.  Gotta get moving.  Have a great weekend!

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