3 Day Weekends

This weekend feels so good. First off, temperatures in the high-70s (in January)! Thank you, Los Angeles. And it’s a 3 day weekend, thanks MLK, Jr.–for the 3 day holiday & a few other things you did and said. I am feeling well again. Since I am such an outdoor and active person, when I lose the desire to be outside and moving–my mood just plummets. I can’t tell you how amazing my Saturday AND Sunday morning bike rides were. I see views that people would travel here to see, and it’s literally outside my backyard. There are the other hardcore cyclists like me–in our jerseys, our aero bikes, in racing position. There are the beach cruisers, cruising along…there are the kids on their fixies, a fad I’m super stoked about (but the adult in me is saying, “please put on a helmet”). Sometimes I’m impatient with this traffic, but today–it was fun to see everyone out enjoying the morning. Even the bird lady that insists on feeding 20+ birds right in the middle of the bike path. Lady, I love your heart–but I fear for the birds’ lives when I head straight towards them at 19mph.
The work-week had been a long one. Friday, I wake up at 4am–wide awake. Ahhh, fun insomnia! I figured I could get back to sleep, but after awhile of tossing and turning–the watch says 4:45am. I know I need to swim at 6am, so I go ahead & get up, have some breakfast & coffee…and head out to the pool. The whole time, I KNOW I’m in for a crash later on in the day. I’m not known for a streak of 12 hour energy. I’m more like the 3 hour energy girl. I go into work early, prep for my first class with a new group of students–and groan thinking about how much energy I’m going to have to have.
My job is different from most others–I teach a new group of students every 7 weeks. The students come during their school day, and for them–it is a “field trip”–they come usually 14 times or so to see you (twice a week). This is the majority–there are also kids I see everyday, after-school kids, etc–but the majority I will only know for a short time. Their first week was this week–and this first Friday class was a group of kindergardeners. They walk off the bus and are in awe of our site–filled with gardens, strange sculptures, paintings, studios. And this Friday morning, everything I said was gold to them. They “oohed” and “awwed” and the LAUGHTER, it was out of control. My second class–it is a group of 13 or so called an intervention class because they are labeled “low performing” students. And let me tell you, they are the most amazing little high-performing actors you have ever seen. Their ability to collaborate, to participate, to cheer each other on–it’s what you only hope for in a class. One student, on the way out tells me, “You are the greatest thing ever!” At lunchtime, I was totally blissful. How egotistical for me to assume that my energy was going to be drained by these kids, when instead, they completely boosted me up and reminded me how really great the work can be. The job, not always. But the work itself–always challenging, fulfilling, and yes–sometimes it can get you through a long day.
I started putting up flyers for my new business (www.entertainingadventure.com) this weekend. It was a semi-failure, as most of the parks and rec centers I went to didn’t have a place for such things or didn’t allow it. But when I did come across a “community board,” I got all giddy as I put my stuff up. Yes, it was up right next to a 12 yr old advertising babysitting, and it’s probably no big deal…but to me it feels like I’m shuffling another step towards something that will one day be bigger than I can imagine. I should be afraid of failing probably, but I’m not at all. If it’s my life’s dream, then hey–I’m OK with a slow beginning.
Back to the workout world! This week I stopped going to my trainer and started going to a new ART guy (active release technique) that my trainer recommended for my knee. He is completely amazing, and I’m so excited about it! This is a kind of heavy duty message–that involves moving around as the therapist is putting pressure on key muscle points, breaking up scar tissue, etc. He was the first to really investigate the cause of the pain, and after awhile, we found the tightest area in the quad. After a little bit of work, he would have me take a huge step up onto the massage table–to see if there was still pain. It was a great way to see myself actually responding right then and there to the treatment. I am feeling loads better, but I’m still continuing with 3 more treatments. I have been super patient lately–building up my workouts little by little, and the frustration is tremendous. I was doing 3 hour weekend workouts in August, and now I limit myself to 20 minute running sessions (and try not to let myself go too fast). It turns out I love off season & I love being at the height of fitness–but I’m not so good with the in between.
Speaking of fitness, I’m about to head to the pool–so happy to get one of my 2 pool workouts done on my Monday off–10:30am is much more fun than 6am. And warmer! Hooray! Hope you are enjoying a 3 day weekend as well.

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