Happy 2011! Let’s Reflect! And look forward! And that stuff…

Happy New Year my large fan base! It feels like I know each and every one of you. Wait, Mom, Dad, cousins…I do! Thank you for your endless supports of this site (by this I mean those one or two comments you’ve left this past year). Now let’s review 2010!

2010: L.A. Marathon with my parents, start of a new business, Texas with family this summer, spider bite (ouch!), 8 or so triathlons (2nd at the L.A. tri!), my best friend moving back in as my roommate, summer camp at work, San Francisco Xmas, little bro is engaged, working out with the UCLA crew–testing my perceived limits, a week in Denver with my niece/nephew, amazing bike rides at the beach, in the mountains, in wine country, Seinfeld in Vegas with Tom and Linda, funniest year of online/offline dating EVER, short hair again!

There is more, I’m sure–but my memory is very selective. It started out very challenging at work–more hours, after-school programs, etc, but this school year has been quite a relief & my teaching is of a much higher quality because of it. Everything else this year seemed pretty relaxed & smooth…just what I remember asking of the year last January. And–the starting of my business has been the biggest leap I’ve taken in awhile, and it feels amazing. I’m ready for the time, struggle, success, learning, challenge that is to come this next year as I put more energy into it. I’m ready to be less of a newbie triathlete & more of an experienced one–with hopefully my best season to date!

My resolution: to hit the pool two mornings a week. I have a list of all the workouts to do during a week, but these are always the first to go…mostly because of the time/effort involved of GETTING THERE–the swimsuit, the gym bag packed for the day, the early wake up call…sure, it would be tons easier if I had a lap pool in my backyard (maybe 2012?)–but I’m lucky to have this great lap pool 2 miles away from my house.

I don’t have a big list of goals. They are there all the time; my life is a resolution. But I thought a smaller, more tangible goal couldn’t hurt. I am mostly just thankful to be here–to have my health, to have amazing people in my life, to find joy in so much…to strive to be better is a necessary part of life, but in the back of my mind, I don’t let go of the knowledge that *right now* I have been given more than enough. And the biggest goal for myself is always striving to not get stuck in my head, stuck in the past, stuck in old beliefs about myself. For the past 11 years, I’ve been a runner. I never would’ve thought I’d be a cyclist–or if I did, it would just be a method of staying injury-free. But the beauty I’ve found outside on the bike has brought me so much joy! I get to really see things–while I’m running, my focus is on breath, moving forward, keeping pace, i see the scenery but it’s hard to take time to really look–on the bike, it’s much easier to slow down, to take it easy & take in the views. In those moments, I really feel *this is all I need right now*–which are moments I love in life. I had a pretty quiet New Year’s Eve last night, but I spent it with 3 of my best friends just being silly. Even though we mocked ourselves for having a 4 person party, I didn’t want to be anywhere else. And as I grow up, I’m more able to ‘get’ these moments as they happen. So, here’s to 2011, where I am able to appreciate life as it happens–or if not that, I can force myself out of bed to hit the pool a couple of mornings a week.

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