Thanksgiving report and Holiday hunt

Let me start by say I’m writing this from bed with a cold that I pretended I didn’t have Friday and Saturday. Today I will admit defeat by drinking tea and watching TV this morning. I’m sure this won’t last all day because I’m restless (and I have no groceries), but I’m good for a few hours.

Thanksgiving (and Christmas) in Texas was a blast. I love that we can come home to a place that’s so cozy we hardly ever leave. I was there for 5 days, and I left the house maybe 3 times. Me and Kristen ran a 5k Thanksgiving morning (I’ve learned my lesson: no matter how many races you’ve run in the past, if you haven’t really run in the few weeks prior to the race–you should not attempt a PR. Needless to say, I was walking during the final mile because I started out way too fast. But still burned enough calories for the carrot cake greeting me later on during the day). The kids came out and ran a 1/4 of a mile (I ran with them…even more calories!). Other than that, the day is a blur. I mashed some potatoes, we ate the best stuffing ever (thanks Mom!), and then I think there were naps and the sound of people watching football upstairs.

We celebrated Christmas on Friday, but sadly, I had done NONE of my Christmas shopping prior to arriving in Texas. My plan was maybe to hit the outlets which opened at midnight. I was asleep by 10:30, so that didn’t work. My second plan was to wake up at like 5 or 6 & get out there early for some door-busters. Except that I slept in until like 7:30. But at 8 am, I was dressed and ready to join the masses. One small problem: I hate crowds, shopping, and shopping displays that overwhelm me. But somehow I managed to hit 5 stores in 3 hours & finish the shopping. I only started melting during the final store, and I think the greeters in the front could sense this from my demeanor: “Are you OK? Do you need help?” I think I managed to get some deals, but who knows.

We opened presents that night, & I was so excited for all of my gifts. Leather jacket, over the knee boots, H20 audio (it allows me to listen to music in the pool=finally!), an umbrella (I haven’t owned won for years even though it DOES rain in sunny California) & a cute sweater. A major plus was that all this fit in my carry on bag.

So a fun way to spend the holiday, but like everyone, coming back from Thanksgiving I feel a little impatient about the next BIGGER holiday (for me, anyway, I’ll be off for 2 weeks). And there’s that collision of everything that suddenly must happen during the holiday season (performances, end of classes, special events, parties, etc). TWO MORE WEEKS! I’m very excited about the week before Christmas this year–the road trip, San Francisco, Napa…it’s gonna be amazing & then I’m back on Christmas– very cool to spend some time in L.A. when I’m not working (I usually take any free minute off to go somewhere). I won’t have to do the New Year’s Eve flight where I’m desperately trying to get in by midnight.

Holiday hunt: yesterday afternoon I invited my friends to come celebrate the launch of my new business. It was a great crowd of like 20 or so, and I felt so grateful to have people there & offering their support, contacts, ideas, and enthusiasm. The best part was that many of the players (it was a scavenger-type hunt) saw Helen HUNT during the hunt & she even cheered players on. I’m looking forward to continuing to get this thing started, and really–it’s good to have all my friends to answer to. So when I see them next time, and they go, “How’s the business?”–I will have something to say.

Now let’s get back to the off-season. One more month of it, and I’m slowly losing my mind. First off, I made a deal with myself that I would REALLY ease up on the knee (after I ran that 5k!), and so the past week–I really have stuck to swimming and weights. That would be fine, except for those are my two least favorite workouts. And I’ve taken more days off–mostly because not working out sounds more appealing than climbing into a freezing, tiny pool at Bally’s for a long swim. My trainer (who I pretend is my coach) helped put things in perspective, though, during a moment of frustration (I am not good at injuries…): “You have just finished your racing season. You had a tough season & then you had that spider bite & came back quickly from that. Of course your body is going to have some aches & will need to recover.” Now, I know all this–but it’s good to hear someone else say it. And it’s obvious that stopping the biking/running drastically speeds my knee recovery–I can FEEL it in my everyday moving around. So let’s just hope I continue to be smart about this, because I am SO excited about starting another season in January!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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