Back to School Shopping.

This was always my favorite part of the school year.  I of course thought that a few shirts and pants could redefine my status at school and at life.  If I had a real Coca-Cola logo polo shirt, maybe I would be a little less weird.  If I had those Guess jeans, perhaps I would finally stop wearing my reversible pants.  Keds, even!  Who KNEW the possibilities?  I was such an awkward kid, unfortunately, that nothing could really be done to cover up my “unique” self.  Luckily, my mom didn’t spoil me too bad– the majority of purchases were from Mervyn’s (could clothes be more BLAND?)  So, through no choice of my own, I never grew up being defined by a logo (unless you count Cherokee).  But I never gave up on the idea of September as a fresh start, a potential new identity.  Who needs New Year’s when you can have new school supplies?  Who needs a silly resolution when you can have real life goals?

School started this week in L.A., but I didn’t go school shopping.  I’m pretty much broke (but thanks for those designer jeans at the outlet, Mom!), so I went school shopping into the back of my closet, found things I haven’t worn in forever & brought those clothes out front.  Stick with me because this is about to become an amazing life metaphor.  I’ve got some new goals this September, and they don’t require me acquiring many new skills–just a re-arranging & molding them together in new ways.  Do you GET IT?  It’s just like my closet!!!

I’ve been thinking about “starting my own business” ideas for the past couple of years–only the past year semi-seriously, and now I’m ready to buckle down and move ahead with one particular idea.  I ordered business cards, so you know it is legit!  (Or at least I’ll be able to put it in that Chipotle business card drawing for a free burrito).  This is a side-business, so I don’t plan on leaving my current job or anything (bosses, that’s for you, if you’re reading this).  Many of you have heard my plan before, but I’m starting up a birthday party business (starting with kids but expanding to adults and corporate events).  It’s going to incorporate pretty much everything I love about life & also everything I’ve ever learned about working with kids.  It is my dream job if I had to define a dream job, so I figure 32 is a good time as any to start pursuing a dream.  I spent about a year finding ways to NOT focus on this idea, but that can kind of make you miserable (although you do get to watch endless episodes of The Real Housewives while you procrastinate)-so here we go!  I will keep you updated as more information is available, but I’m super excited about it.

That’s the main thing, though of course I like to shake everything up.  Triathlon season is coming to an end, so I like to challenge myself in different ways during “off season.”  Last time that meant running the L.A. Marathon.  This time around, I want to focus on trail running.  It’s always my favorite kind of running, but because I’m lazy–I tend to just run the same route outdoors–or run around a track, or a treadmill (yawn).  But I love being totally surrounded by quiet and nature and did I mention quiet?  It’s good for my brain.  And wakes your body up, too.  There are a few long trail races that I’ll do–not for speed, but just for the support that an organized race provides (safety, food/water, well-marked trails, etc).  I may even venture into mountain biking one of these days, but the idea right now terrifies me.  Anyway, there are so many great trails in Southern California, and I want to find them all!

And of course, no back to school would be complete without a fresh hair cut.  I messed this one up by attempting to trim my own hair the other day, and now have to go back to my hairdresser & show her the horror.  Maybe she will forgive me with a totally cute long, layered bob.

One of my friends said we’re always kind of defined by what we were like at 15.  That’s why I’ll probably always think of myself as an awkward geek who has memorized the lyrics to way too many musicals & wears $5 Old Navy short-sleeve plaid shirts with pride.  But the awkward geek as a grown up tends to win points for originality and quirkiness.  Where are those reversible pants when I need them?  Hipsters would probably swoooon!  Anyways, I’m looking forward to some fresh starts & positive change in the next few months.  I hope you are, too.

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