No more crutches!

I’ve been walking around in a state of euphoria for no other reason than…I can actually walk around!  I went back to the doctor & he seemed confused as to why I was still walking around on crutches (“umm, you can lose the crutches now…”)–even though he specifically told me not to even MOVE for a week.  But I was more than happy to get rid of them & resume some regular activity.  I came home, put on some tennis shoes, and went out on the town (and by “on the town,” I mean Sunday night Bingo).

I still have another week or two before I can start running & swimming–but I can get back to the gym, the dreaded elliptical, or the bike (though I’m out of town and without a bike for 4 days).  I was so happy to be back in the gym yesterday doing some dead lifts–but mostly still sticking to upper body workouts.  I’ve been mostly positive through this whole thing, but I got pretty bummed when my trainer started asking about upcoming races.  I’ve really been building for the past 3 months for summer/early Fall races & suddenly it feels like all that training has been washed away & I’m starting from scratch again–not knowing when I’ll really be back to 100%.  But it’s a reality of planning any kind of year long plan.  Plans change.  So I’m re-thinking what my goals will be the rest of the season.

In the meantime, I’m super happy that my trip to Texas will be on my own two feet, although I’m sure my brothers were excited to make fun of me wobbling around on crutches.  Fourth of July is my favorite holiday, and I can’t think of any better way to spend it than with my family at home in Texas.  I also am really craving a breakfast burrito from Rudy’s BBQ, a Sonic Cherry Limeade, etc.  Food and family.  That’s about it.

I’ll be back in L.A. on Monday & camp starts Tuesday.  We’re trying out a new 5 week camp this summer (with middle school and high school), and I’m excited to see how that turns out.  There is a certain relaxed vibe that comes with teaching in the summer–especially “camp style”–that suits me really well (since I tend to teach with a certain relaxed vibe year round).  So have a great 4th & I’ll report when I’m back in town.

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