Break Time: Creating my own Tri-Camp

My job is strange.  Unlike regular school teachers, I don’t get your typical breaks (ie: long winter holidays, summers off, spring break, etc).  Even if we are not in session, we have to take vacation days if we want a break.  But we are lucky enough to have a week with no classes after every 7 week session.  I consider it a break because even though I have to go to work, #1) I don’t have to wake up at my normal 6am…sleepin in a little, #2) no after-school classes, so I can leave at a normal time, #3) I AM taking two of my vacation days during this time, and 4) it’s so quiet without the students.  It also comes after a hectic end of session/production madness time–so it’s nice to have some time to breathe.

Anyway, I’m totally excited because I’ve done my best to turn my week into a triathlon-training camp (without spending the thousands of dollars it would actually take to go to one of these camps).  This basically means I schedule my days around my workouts & am attempting to do 3 group workouts that I normally either don’t have time for or don’t wanna bother with.  Tuesday is the local “hill run” that meets at the sporting good store, Wednesday morning 6:30am is the ocean speed circuit–which just started up again this season, and Saturday is the long bike ride along the PCH.  I’m also contemplating taking a swim workshop that happens over the course of 4 Fridays this month.  The guy teaching it was my private swim coach & so far, only one person has signed up–so it is almost as good as private lessons (and cheaper!).  They also video my stroke, which I prefer NEVER to look at.  I will most likely only be able to focus on how ridiculous I look in a swim cap.  But swimming, unlike the other sports, is almost all about technique (so I’m told)–and they help you structure your swim workouts, which I really need help with.

So, that has me excited!  It feels like I’ve been scrambling to try to be ready for race days–I have a race Sunday, another one in 2 weeks–with relatively little training (as much as I can cram in in the past couple of weeks).  But after that, I have a nice long month to build some more endurance/speed/strength.  My race Sunday is in San Diego.  I love San Diego—so beautiful & I’ve never raced there before–so I can’t wait!  I have to say, none of these oceanside triathlons are ever NOT beautiful, though–whether it’s Venice Beach, Newport, Playa Del Ray—great views.  Anyway, it’s a relatively short race which means I need to be FAST from the start.  Did I mention I scored a nice hotel room for my stay?  I’m almost more excited about that than the race itself.

So today is the beginning of my break–Fridays off! & I’m celebrating by not leaving my room until after 12pm.  I’m in my bike shorts and my pajamas and my sunglasses (man, my room is bright mid-day! and also: what a great look!), telling myself I will make it out for a ride soon enough.   But oh wait, noon…that means it’s lunch time!

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