Saturday Errands

When I was younger, Saturday morning was for #1 cartoons and #2 weekend errands.  Sometimes the cartoons were partnered with quartered cinnamon toast stacked on top of each other (I took great enjoyment out of each and every piece) & my brother, both of us in pajamas for as long as we could get away with it.  But many times my mom had, you know, stuff to do on her 2 days off–so we would take off early in attempt to “get things done.”

I don’t have a very good memory about where we actually went (the dry cleaners seemed to be a frequent spot, I’m sure the bank or the grocery store or equally mundane places for an 8 year old)–other than, of course BREAKFAST.  I’m not sure what it says about me that my life is largely defined by food, but I think it’s one of life’s great pleasures.  Anyway–there were two options #1) donuts or #2) McDonald’s.  This was by far the greatest part of Saturday errands.  I desperately loved the donuts sprinkled in sugar–when a co-worker brought these in over the summer, I almost died from the sense memory of it all (but only managed to eat 1/2 of one–wow, that’s sugary!).  This coupled with milk or juice, and I was good to go.  Now, McDonald’s was the fancier of the 2.  Sausage biscuit with a side order of hashbrowns & OJ, pleassse!  That combo was brilliant.  Now, if errands started late–we got to grab some lunch at Rosa’s (still my favorite Midland, TX haunt…I would get 2 #16s–the classic bean and cheese burrito) & head over to aunt Becky’s to eat them.

I should ask my mom if this really was a ritual, or if we just did these things once or twice, and I turned it into one in my head.  But I can’t for the life of me ever remember the errands.  Maybe I stayed in the car?  But now, being a grown up and all, I find myself still clinging to the idea of Saturday errands.  You don’t want to leave them until Sunday, you know, because Sunday is the day for rest and fun and all that.  You are too busy during the week to get them done.  So Saturday is perfect.  Except I hate them.  Especially the grocery store.

I’m sitting at home right now, done with the workout, breakfast, the shower, getting ready, even cleaning my room, heck–even eating an early lunch–and still stalling.  Perhaps I should save my eating for when I’m out & create some of my own rituals (hopefully involving less sugar and fat).  I just don’t like crowds, crowded parking lots, buying things.  I still have that New Yorker mentality (buy what you can carry), so the idea of rolling around an actual cart is still difficult for me to grasp.  And I keep telling myself, if I save *enter random chore here* for a weekday, it will be MUCH less crowded.

Anyone reading have any suggestions for making there errands more of an adventure than an actual “errand”–a way to bring some fun into the whole thing?  In the meantime, it’s time for grocery store+car wash!

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  1. The best of rituals (when kids are too young to stay home alone) involve running errands with them on Saturday’s -although every third Saturday, we also went to the library which is not really a chore. There needs to be some bribe (usually food – even today I think they give out cheese slices (used to be cookies) to children at the grocery store on Saturday mornings) and a general sense that we CAN make this an adventure – as the kids get older they no longer believe this part, but if they love sugar donuts or Mc Donald’s or cheese they still go along fairly cheerfully. Other bribes include stopping by a relative’s house or a fancy playground like Denis the Menace Park.
    Today, I still use little incentives for myself (sounds better than bribes) to add some enjoyment to certain chores – stopping at Starbucks before going to the grocery store (they have cup holders in our rolling carts – perfect). I also attempted to start a tradition of going out for Mexican food for lunch on Saturday, but haven’t got that really established yet. (We had it going for a while in Richmond, but for some reason I can’t always keep it active). I am now inspired to make a few new rituals/traditions that involve personal incentives.
    Adventures abound.
    Besides, you got to get things done.

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