Olympics and such

I have not always been a fool for the Olympics.  I remember watching as a kid–especially the figure skating and gymnastics, but I don’t think I’ve watched any of it the past ten years.  I really got into Beijing, though–part of it was *wow, they do triathlons and marathons, like me!*, part of it was Phelps, but most of it is just immersing yourself in this two week fest of personal stories & high stakes competition.

I’m not AS into the winter Olympics…the coverage isn’t as great, and I can’t relate to the events in the same way.  But man, there are still some great stories (and Shaun White!).  I’m totally inspired by these  athletes, especially ones that are just happy to be there competing.  In another life, I could’ve been a 7 yr old learning skills on the half pipe that 10 years later translate to Olympic level ability–but for now, I just take the inspiration & use it to help my own training.  On my afternoon bike ride today (which of course was going to be a morning bike ride–the entire day got away from me), I imagined I was competing in some world class event.  Scott Hamilton was of course providing my commentary.  Why is that crazy bird lady throwing bread on the Olympic course guys?  Let’s take care of that.  Yes, I won the gold.

So that’s what I’ve been doing with my free time this past week (and next, I imagine).  Both watching and pretending I’m in the Olympics.  It’s a tough life.  No, I have not been on any dates recently.  Too busy polishing my gold.  I’ll be back at it next week.

Some potentially cool career-type stuff going on, which is much-needed.  I’ve realized the most important thing with me and work is that I’m constantly challenging myself to be my absolute best…when that is missing, my work is not completely satisfying.  So it’s about finding those next challenges/opportunities again.  I’m so ready.

The marathon is a month away, and I have no idea if I’ll be ready–but as of now, it’s still a go.  I’m more excited about having my parents in town, though.  Hooray!!!  There are a couple more really long runs coming up (one tomorrow), but as long as those go well–I’ll feel fine going into it.

That’s it–really not much going on here!  Have a great weekend.

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