I guess I should have an update post?

Time for an update. I’ve been sick with strep throat for days–so what else am I going to do after I watched Beyonce’s “Lemonade” too many times & have caught up on every Real Housewives episode? Also, I can’t eat any food–so I need distractions to keep me from being so HANGRY.

Usually I’m talking about my racing on here, but it has not been in the cards so far this year. My business happens mostly on the weekends, so there’s that. Also every time I’ve started a training plan something comes around to slow it down. It has not been my season! Good thing it’s only a hobby, but I do miss it. I love that my dog stares up with huge eyes and motivates me to go running with him. It is my most consistent and enjoyable workout! Cross your fingers there will be racing this summer/fall!

My last race, in fact, was a 5k with Huxley. It was my slowest time–but Huxley’s fastest, so I consider it a win/win. And let me tell you–he should not have been in the back with the rest of the dogs who were WALKING. Huxley was not into that. We spent the first 5 minutes weaving in and out of walkers to get up to the front (like doggie like owner). And then of course we took a long water break where the volunteer politely handed over a whole gallon of water for Hux. I just kept filling his cup & trying not to push him for a faster PR. Lol, we lost a good 4 minutes right there! He really can run a good 8 minute mile pace when he’s into it! But he’s my precious pup, so if he wants to also stop 12 times to pee on trees, play with dogs, and hang out in the shade with water–we will do that.

I don’t have many exciting stories to update you on–stayed mostly local except for a camping adventure last weekend. Although I’m a sucker for being outdoors, I am not a camp enthusiast. Having suffered a decade long bought of unending insomnia, I love my precious sleep oh so much & now I’m more Princess and the Pea. A total sleeping snob! But I did it. The air mattress was a huge help. The nearby neighboring camp festivities/parties were not. Guys, didn’t we come out here to be close to nature? Oh wait, you would rather rage? Sigh. My favorite part by far were the meals. Every two hours, I would start to wonder, “Is it time to light the fire? Put something on the grill?” or “Should I pull out one of the dozen trail mixes I brought for a 2 day camp trip?” or “Are we going to run out of ice for my nightly vodka drink?” The sunsets and the views were killer, though, and even without a shower I could still appreciate those.

Let’s end with Things I Love Right Now (well, not right now–strep really takes it out of you! I would just love a good night’s sleep) to keep it light: Cold Brew coffee–I’m in love. It’s hard for me to drink a hot cup of coffee when cold brew is an option. It’s so smooth! It involves ice! I like something trendy for once. Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen–I used to just watch this if it was on & I was bored, but now I watch almost every night & it calms any anxiety/stress. I love Andy, his sense of humor & that it’s a good old “call in” show…you don’t see those anymore. Heated Pool– It is a complete luxury (thank you front neighbor that pays for the heating). I’ve had unheated apt pools that we had to stay out of for months at a time, but I can comfortably go for a swim (or OK, sometimes I just stand next to that little section where the HOT water comes out & do my “float therapy”) anytime of day in any season.

OK, I just wanted to check in on my site. I miss regular updates! I hope someone still reads.