Giving My Thanks: Top 5

It’s almost my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving! Here are a few things I’m thankful for this year, in no particular order. I skipped over the most important one–people!–duh, but you guys know that already. If you are taking the time to actually read this, I’m very thankful you are in my life.

1) Royal Norman Huxley the 2nd Million (Huxley): Also known as, “My little dude,” “My little man,” “Bobo,” “Bubba,” “Hux,” “Huxy,” etc. This puppy came into my life at the precise moment I needed him. He doesn’t know this, of course, but he has been THE highlight of my year. I feel like I’ve waited my whole life for the absolute perfect moment to have a dog. He was worth the wait. We have much in common. Like me, he doesn’t understand those people or dogs who “forget” to eat a meal. He is not the most cuddly dog, but when he does take a moment to put his head on your lap, you say thankyouthankyou silently and hope he doesn’t scamper off after a minute or two (which he always does). I appreciate his independence,energy and social nature. Once he gets a little older he’s going to be my #1 running buddy–which is awesome because he always sticks with my pace (unless there is a squirrel or a skateboarder, which means we are suddenly doing sprints). He has already brought so much to my life, I only hope I can give him the BEST LIFE EVER in the form of love, treats and outdoor adventures.

2) Hawaii: This has been a dream ever since I watched the Brady Bunch vacation there (minus that bad luck Tiki necklace). I’m terrified of flying & even googled “how to cure fear of flying over the ocean Hawaii” only to bring up a dozen articles of plane crashes over the ocean between LAX and Hawaii. But on the way over, this older grandfather type was next to me & spent at least 1/2 of the flight sharing with me every single secret hike, restaurant and sight to see. I was too busy taking notes to be too scared. The flight there and back was totally smooth. The island life is everything I expected. Although I love a good hike, beach and a beautiful sunset, what really took my breath away was the stargazing on top of Mauna Kea. So beautiful.

3) My Business Adventures: It’s the 5th Anniversary of Entertaining Adventure, my scavenger hunt business. This year I cut my teaching hours in order to focus on the business. Instead, I found myself teaching college classes, trying to take care of a puppy and basically doing everything BUT focusing on a business. Eventually, with some effort and patience and help–my business has exploded in the past month! I’m not sure if it’s a holiday thing, or if it’s a sign of the future or what, but I say THANK YOU!!! I can’t wait to see what happens next year.

4) A washer/dryer: I’ve had one to call my own for approximately 3 months, and it has substantially improved my moods. For some reason I can’t quite figure out, I am now ALWAYS doing laundry– it’s never done! Maybe because I can? Hauling loads of laundry (especially back in those potty training days for Hux) to the not-so-nearby laundry mat was my least favorite errand of the week. I would wait til every possible article of clothing was dirty before I went, which meant who knows what kind of outfits I was putting together? I ordered underwear on Amazon Fresh one time, instead of doing my laundry. It got bad. So thank you, washer and dryer…here’s to many more loads of laundry!

5) A Year Away From Racing: I love to swim, bike and run. I love the focus that comes from serious training. I love eating really big burritos after a hard workout. Of course I love the races themselves. When I’m doing these things, I feel like the best version of myself. I actually did do a few small races this year, but I really am thankful to be able to mostly step away for a season. In my 15+ years of working out consistently, the biggest thing I’ve learned is to listen to myself. I’m going to be going outdoors and moving for as long as my body can do it, so I don’t have to accomplish everything in one year. Next year I wanna do some triathlons, though. I’m missing them as I’m writing about not missing them!

I didn’t get too deep or sentimental this time around, hooray! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. A special shout out to all my family–miss you, love you, hope to see you soon!