Hawaii Time

I feel like I start every entry with apologies for how it’s been awhile (as if you’ve been checking daily & are VERY upset with me). Let’s rewind back to late March/early April when I went to HAWAII!!! I’ve always wanted to go, and I’ve always said, “While I’m living on the West Coast, it makes sense to do a Hawaii trip–short flight!” Well, I’ve been out here 10+ years, and I finally booked a trip.

We went to Kona on the Big Island. Really we could’ve gone anywhere, but the idea of being on the largest, least-populated island appealed to us. I also noticed it was pretty affordable, and I found an AMAZING rental cottage out there known as the “Mango Cottage.” I’m big into getting lost in 100 reviews of every rental place, and with this one–I found absolutely zero negative comments. We booked a week long stay there & I told my Stitch Fix stylists to send me Hawaii stuff. I packed my new tote, long flowy printed dresses and skirts that are not at all my style (but Stitch Fix told me to, so I packed them anyway—but what is this KIMONO!?!?). Off to Hawaii!

It was as beautiful as I had imagined, and every day brought a new adventure. Instead of writing about it, I made you a vacation video! I am that annoying person that thinks you want to see 4 minutes of my vacation pics set to Hawaiian-themed music. Enjoy!! Here’s the link: CHEESY VACATION VIDEO