I didn’t move after all. And it’s a good thing.

If you’ve been keeping up, I was scheduled to move into a cute little house last weekend. Well, it didn’t happen. Turned out, it wasn’t the safest of neighborhoods I was moving into. This became all the more apparent when we were unpacking some stuff only to have a neighbor on a bike ask us if we lived near by. “We do now!!!”–and then he asked if we had seen his dog because while the man was gone for an hour the night before getting his car washed, his house was robbed and they either stole the dog or let it out. You could see the pain in his eyes as he added, “My dog is epileptic. She needs her meds. Well, watch out for the gangsters!!” Yup, our first and last meeting with a neighbor ended with “Watch out for the gangsters.” Great sign, right? I’m a fan of all neighborhoods, but when you’re paying a crazy amount of rent, you would at least like to know you’re safe.

So we unpacked the boxes we packed, managed to get out of the lease without losing a dime & got to stay in our current apartment–which we have a new appreciation for. I was mostly happy that rent is cheap again!! My only sadness came from having to leave that washer/dryer behind, so of course I solved that by finding a new online laundry delivery service (I love delivery!!!). They pick up my laundry and GIVE ME A BROWNIE. They return it the next day neatly folded (but no brownie!?!?). I figure if I do this every other time, hauling it down to the laundry mat won’t seem so annoying.

To be perfectly honest, I love the street I’m on. I have lived in 3 different places on this same street over the years, I’m sure that says a lot about both how weird I am & how much I love this tree-lined hood! If you are in such a car-centered city like L.A., it helps to live in a walkable neighborhood. Margaritas only a 5 minute walk away? OK. A running path that offers an escape from most people, all the cars, and all the street lights?! It’s the little things.