I found a new house! Congrats to me.

I actually have news to post: I’m moving! Not out of L.A. (the perfect weather has kept me years past my original due date). Just a few miles away! You know, the normal move in L.A. Everyone is always moving all the time. I love the people who stay in the same place for years and years. I find it fascinating in this city where neighborhoods, rent prices, renter needs/wants, etc are always changing.

Here is my renter history in Los Angeles. I love history!! I lived in lovely Glendale, CA for two years. I moved further west near Pico/Robertson for two years. After moving to NYC (where I moved like 5 times in two years), I lived in beautiful Culver City. Next, I moved next door to Palms. Oh, hey, then I moved to Marina del Rey! And then back to Culver City. Now I’m moving to a neighborhood that doesn’t even have a name–it’s actually Los Angeles. WOWZA.

To a family that’s lived in the same house for a decade, this probably seems like a lot of (sometimes) unnecessary moves. And I would say–you’re right! Each time the rent price just keeps going up, but I can’t help myself.

I wasn’t planning on moving anytime soon, though. I moved just 4 months ago! I was forced to move that time, to avoid another terrible 11+ month long lease in an apartment that was sadly falling apart & was going to be torn down one of these days. All I could find was a sort of small, really cute place in Culver City that I refer to as the “Tree House.” Month to month lease, no access to any washer/dryer (the horror!!), and pretty tiny! So the search for a bigger house continued–I was just hoping to find something maybe in February or something.

But the perfect little house came along today. Rent is really really expensive out here. I don’t want to tell you how much. But it’s SO expensive. And to find a tiny little piece of property that is actually all yours & not shared with anyone else is like the biggest miracle. I was expecting to settle for a duplex–which is OK–several of them end up being way better than actual houses, but you would’ve laughed at the places I end up looking at. You see, half the time they don’t tell you it’s a duplex. You learn through asking too many questions that you are in fact sharing a yard with that guy that lives on the other side of the house. Oh, and actually he parks in the driveway, so good luck finding parking. And he handles the cable, so he will just show you the bill. Ugh, so many places actually try to HIDE the fact that you will be living in a tiny back house with no real access to any yard or land or LAUNDRY.

It is miserable and hilarious looking at places to rent here, but I found one I just love. It’s a small lot– there is something historical about why it’s so small…something having to do with being army or post-war housing (lots of googling I have to do, I LOVE history!). But it’s all by itself–no one is wandering around in the back claiming they also live there. It’s got an awesome deck (no yard, but who needs grass? There’s a drought!), and most important=a washer dryer! Like my very own! Well, my very own that I’m renting! It screamed, “Kristy, rent me! You can afford it! Come on, you know you can!” I’m not so sure about that voice, but sometimes you just have to go with it.

SO, I’m on my way to NYC Friday & moving I guess in 2 weeks? I had no idea this morning that I would be saying that tonight. But like I said just 2 sentences ago–sometimes you just have to go with it. Did I mention there is central air/heat? I haven’t had this since my very first L.A. place in Glendale. It’s like I’ve come full circle.

Oh here is a random confession. When I moved into my first apartment in Glendale with my best friend Chuck, we were on quite a budget. There was a terribly ugly table downstairs in our apartment’s laundry building. One night we came home late & decided we would just take the table up to our place (no one ever used it!). But we were consumed with guilt and fear–worried the landlords would walk into our place and see it. So we broke it down, one piece at a time & slowly threw it in the trash–like we were serial killers. I am not proud ladies and gentleman. I have come a long way.

I’m moving. It’s exhausting just saying it. But also exciting. Mostly the part about washing my own clothes in my own little house! Yes, I dream big.