Marathon Playlist Request

Please, please, please–send me your songs for my marathon playlist. I ask before every marathon, and I promise you I put all of them on my ipod. Some make me cringe, some make me laugh, some end up to be too depressing to listen to all the way through–and some actually motivate me to keep running!

I have enough dance remixes to last a lifetime, but other than that I’m open to your suggestions. I’m a huge fan of great motivational (even cheesy) lyrics. If you are a runner, what do you listen to? If you’re not a runner, what do you blast in the car? Or at home?

Here are some of the following songs that have gotten me through many a run:

Dixie Chicks= Ready to Run and Not Ready to Make Nice. The former is pretty obvious. It’s a good early on song–very literal. Ok, world, I’m ready to run! The second was from that album that came out after America hated them. Anyway, they are ANGRY in this song, and it builds to this amazing crescendo with strings and everything “I’m not ready to make nice” people!!–it helps me run the fastest mile ever!

Eminem= Til I Collapse–this one I listened to at least 20 times at the end of one of my marathons. It has marching sounds which helps with my pace and also talks about “not be(ing) a quitter, no matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face and collapse. That’s often my state of mind around mile 25.

J-Lo= Let’s Get Loud. My best friend Chuck suggested this one to me last year, and I love every time it pops up on my ipod. It forces me to speed up and do it with a smile on my face. It also reminds me of when we actually liked to dance to J-Lo.

Alanis= Thank You. This is one of the cheesy ones. It’s basically a long list of Thank Yous–but has this amazing part in the middle: “The moment I let go of it was the moment I got more than I could handle. The moment I jumped off of it
Was the moment I touched down.” I’m all like “Let go of this run, Kristy. Jump off!” It makes much more sense in my head. It makes me feel like I’m watching Super Soul Sunday or something.

Shakey Graves=Dearly Departed. I just discovered this guy, and I love this song. “You and I both know that the house is haunted. And you and I both know that the ghost is me.” I know this is a symbolic song, but our neighbors said that our house is haunted (and the abandoned lot next to us), so I hear this guy singing & I’m like “that’s me! My house IS haunted!”

Sara Bareilles=Her Whole Newest Album–The Blessed Unrest. It’s rare I actually love an entire album, and even rarer that several songs from a singer-songwriter type are actually good to run to. You’ve heard Brave, but if that gets too old–I Choose You, Little Black Dress, Chasing the Sun. All good!

Ben Folds=Landed. To prove to you how nerdy I am, I actually listen to a University A Cappella version of this song. “The daily dramas she made from nothing/So nothing ever made them right/She liked to push me and talk me back down
Until I believed I was the crazy one,and in a way I guess I was…” Although he’s talking about a girl, this sounds like every guy I ever dated! Kidding, kidding. Still a fun story to listen to & a great tune.

Pink=Just Like A Pill. Yes, I’m stuck in the early 2000s. They just made some stellar running tunes during this era. This song is either about morphine addiction or dating a crazy dude, but the real awesome part comes when she starts singing “Run just as fast as I can, to the middle of nowhere”–as you can see, I like any song that includes the word run (regardless of context).

Beyonce= Love on Top. I of course listen to LOTS of Beyonce. I’ve had running playlists consisting only of Beyonce. But I like the happiness and simplicity of this song. Finally, Jay-Z, you put her love on top! Let’s celebrate and run some more!

FUN.=Carry On. I had the FUN. album on my running playlist for awhile, it’s so great to run to. The song that I loved for the longest is Carry On, specifically this part: “My head is on fire but my legs are fine. After all they are mine.” This always gives me a boost, cause I’m like “Hey my legs are fine. After all they are mine.” Carry on, girl!

That’s a sampling. I’ve been running for 15 years now, almost always with music–and I listen to anything. I listen to slow depressing tunes, Motown, outlaw country, dance, pop, hip-hop…I love the way running mixes with the music. It calms me down, or it excites me–it inspires, makes me laugh, & at its best–makes me sing out loud, play the air drums/guitar, and raise my hand up in the air. Yes, I raise my hand up to the air, as if “Praise Jesus, thank you for this!! AMEN!!” I mean, you can’t listen to Stevie Wonder’s Greatest Hits Part II while running & NOT react to that awesomeness!

SO, please, add your comments here–or post them on my Facebook. I’m of course looking for any songs that mention how great NYC is, since that’s where I’m running. Thank you!