Growing a Business

For about 4 years now, I’ve been growing my side business. I plan and run scavenger hunts for kids, adults and corporations. It grew out of a pure love of doing them myself, and it makes me so happy to see an idea I had grow and become something that people actually pay for! I’m still surprised when I receive an email–you just FOUND my website? How did that happen?

What I didn’t plan on was keeping a full time job while growing a business. It keeps you busy to say the least. It means that many weekends are spent planning and running the hunts. It means I have to get things done late at night when I’m not longer in my right mind. I make mistakes, I can’t return the phone calls as fast as I should because I’m often working at the full-time job. I lose potential clients because of my lack of flexibility. Sometimes I just forget the side business is even still there, and so does everyone else. It’s crazy how important it is to keep talking about it just to keep it real.

I decided to stop being frustrated about it, and instead, to find a new “4 year plan” that will help take the business to the next level. There is absolutely no security in this, except for my own sanity and excitement. Regardless of the outcome, it will be EXCITING! It will mean CHANGE! I always imagine that businesses start overnight–find a building, buy some stuff, sell it, and there you go. I originally thought after a year, I would be making six figures and saying goodbye to any other kind of work. Perhaps I was a little misguided. Or perhaps I should’ve just gone on Shark Tank. Whatever the reason, 4 years in and it still brings me such joy. I get nervous before an event & feel such a since of an accomplishment seeing people running around, laughing & enjoying themselves. Did I mention it is all outdoors?

The one thing I’ve learned is that people have lots of awesome advice, but in the end–my instinct tells me exactly what direction I want to go in and how much business I can handle at any given moment. I understand now that it took me 4 years to just really develop the events and make them the highest quality I can. And I’m ultimately happy I’ve taken my time developing it. I feel like now I’m ready to push it out into the world (my little baby, should I keep going with labor imagery????) Mostly thank you to all you guys that have supported and asked about my events. You remember I had a business, even when I momentarily forgot. Happy Weekend!