Relationships are OK

Today, I had an interesting conversation with my boyfriend. We were comparing single life to being coupled up (not just us, but people in general). I said, “When you are single you can do whatever you want, whenever you want & make all the decisions! I mean, that’s awesome!” His concerned reply, “Whoa, you’re making quite an argument for being single.” I backtracked: “No, but this is great. There is someone to see at the end of the day.” And he says, “Yeah, it was great that you made me that calzone the other day. Usually those are so greasy, but yours was really good.”

He says, “It’s a trade off. You deal with the monotony of ‘Oh, we’re watching alien shows…again’ to have all the other benefits.” Believe me, watching alien videos was not on my list of things to do. Ever. Isn’t he the one that likes the alien shows? Why are we STILL watching them? There are no aliens!

I have really held a torch for the single life. I loved it, not the dating aspect–but just the doing what I want when I want thing. I loved spending time by myself for hours or days at a time–reading, working out. I love training too much for a sport no one cares about. I loved that I got to choose every social engagement I wanted to go to & could pass on any I wasn’t interested in. I loved that I could eat literally the same exact menu for months, even years at a time with no one to call me out for my lack of variety.

But to look across the room and shrug your shoulders at someone and say, “You know, this is pretty good”–it is the best feeling. I never would’ve even made a calzone if he wasn’t going to eat one with me. I never would’ve hopped on a paddle-board, got sloshed around by waves attempting to surf or roamed the Santa Monica mountains on a mountain bike. I never would’ve traveled to Mexico, Telluride, Charleston, etc. I wouldn’t have had a cheering section for me at all my triathlons. Sure, he says things like, “Congrats! Now you have to run! hahaha” as I get off the bike–but hey, it counts.

My favorite parts of life: the adventures, the challenges, the surprises. This has relationship has been all of those, so it’s not so bad. Oh add to that, the food. THE CALZONES!!