Something less offensive…DogVacay!

I can’t believe I mistakingly insulted my HERO in life (my big brother of course) by calling out his first dance wedding song as “too predictable” in my last entry. And perhaps I dissed the institution of marriage all together, based on some of the comments. For all of that, I apologize & please realize that this website contains only about 80% of my actual views. I have to save that other 20% so we will have something to talk about when I see you in person.

Let’s take a day away from hurting feelings (we will save that for Wednesday’s entry) & talk something less offensive. We are officially dog-sitting these days with a company called DogVacay. Basically, it’s like internet dating but with dogs. People find nearby folks to dog sit for them. We get paid to provide AWESOME dog-sitting abilities for all your pet needs. We had our first dog last month & it was super cool. It’s like being a doggie aunt. All the responsibilities, but after it’s over you lose the “I should be at home with my dog right now” guilt that all dog owners feel on a constant basis. Oh, but while it’s happening you can leave social situations early by saying things like, “I have to get home to the dog” & you aren’t even lying! It’s just not YOUR dog.

The initial meeting with the dog parents is always the most nerve-racking. It very much brings me back to my internet dating days, except these people just come over to your house on the first date! Do they see the crumbs from that entire fruit tart I just ate (oh, btw, I at a fruit tart by myself the other day…a post run treat)? Do they think this place is tiny? Do they think I’m being fake right now as I talk in a baby voice to their dog?? Do they like meeeee?

So we booked a dog today for a week & I’m all “DogHooray!” This dog is super chill, fluffy, 2 yr old rescue named Barley. I can’t believe I get paid for this, but please–keep the money coming. So, if you need a dogsitter–please go through my people. They will get in touch with your people. It will be fabulous.