First Dance Wedding Songs

I’ve never been married. It looks scary. You have to be around someone all the time, get along, support one another, sacrifice for another, nod your head a lot to show you are listening to them. Like, a lifetime of this. If I had married in my 20s, I would certainly be divorced at least once by now. Which is fine, but it all seems so complicated and expensive. I prefer 16 mile solo runs.

BUT I have been planning my wedding since I was like 10. I looked through wedding magazines, cut little snippets out if I saw a dress or a table setting I liked. I was that girl. I love the idea of a party in honor of me (and some dude). I love that you can get away with the biggest, poofiest dress in the room & no one can say anything but “You look amazing.” I would never be the type to wear a simple hippie dress or go barefoot or something. I need to DO IT UP. If I ever dated you, I did the ultimate thing NOT do which was plan our wedding in my head within a few months of meeting you.

I’m still into the idea of the FIRST DANCE song. I have at least 10 of them in mind if the time ever comes. They are super schmaltzy, and I would have to spend the entire engagement pressuring my husband-to-be to understand that THIS Ed Sheeran song is ABOUT US. Or that Taylor Swift one. Or that Blind Pilot song (I just saw them live for the first time this weekend & they dedicated a song to a couple that used it as their first dance song–so I pretty much stole that idea). Avett Bros, George Strait, Jack Johnson, Ben Folds, Otis Redding…I have so many of them. Sometimes I even envision myself taking singing lessons and surprising everyone by belting out the song. LOL. Sometimes in these daydreams I even let the groom play guitar.

As you can see, what I really want here is basically a one woman show. With a registry. This is probably a great reason why I haven’t actually gotten married. I’m not in it for the right reasons. I’ve been in the big city for too long & have seen so many ways that people live their life, and they don’t all include walking down the aisle. Turns out, happiness is not dependent on stuff like this. I applaud people like my parents, etc–who have been happily married for what feels like forever. It’s really awesome to watch. But I also applaud Oprah, who has Stedman but doesn’t have a ring on her finger and will never have her first dance wedding song. What would it be though, Oprah? John Legend is too commonplace for someone of your stature. Etta James’ “At Last…” too predictable. Ah, I could ruminate on this one forever.

To all the married folks out there, what was your first dance song? How was it decided? Together? Or were you pressured into it? I need to know!!!